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Zenoss Announces ZenPack Library

Declarative Approach Reduces ZenPack Development Costs and Accelerates Time-to-Value

Austin, TX – May 5, 2015 – Zenoss Inc., the leading provider of unified monitoring and service analytics for physical, virtual, and cloud-based IT infrastructures, today announced ZenPack Library (zenpacklib) which utilizes declarative YAML to simplify ZenPack development while increasing quality and consistency. Developers may download zenpacklib for free.

ZenPacks are most commonly used to extend Zenoss Service Dynamics to be able to monitor new IT infrastructure and application targets. More than 400 Zenoss and community-developed ZenPacks are available today. Zenpacklib, which supports Zenoss Service Dynamics versions 4.2 and 5.0, reduces the amount of code required for typical ZenPacks by up to 85%, while still allowing ZenPacks to be extended with more complex functionality. As the ZenPack API, zenpacklib standardizes interfaces between ZenPacks and the Zenoss platform, eliminates boilerplate code, encourages adherence to best practices, and helps ensure compatibility across Zenoss releases.

"A primary reason for choosing Zenoss Service Dynamics as our central monitoring system is the tremendous flexibility ZenPacks give us to rapidly meet our customers’ evolving infrastructure management needs," said Doug Syer, Vice President of Managed Services, NWN Corporation. "Using zenpacklib to develop custom ZenPacks means spending drastically less time writing and debugging code, and more time delivering the quality IT services our customers demand."

Zenpacklib allows zProperties (Configuration Properties), Device Classes, Monitoring Templates, new Device and Component Types and relationships between Device and Component Types to be described in YAML and extended in Python only if needed.

"ZenPacks power our ability to model and monitor legacy and modern IT infrastructures and we recognize the importance of enabling an ecosystem of ZenPack developers especially given the high rate of technology innovation," said Marcus MacNeill, Vice President of Product Management at Zenoss. "We’re excited to release zenpacklib which is an important step in making it easier for customers, partners and Zenoss to develop ZenPacks in a cost-effective and repeatable manner."

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