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Zenoss 3.0 Simplifies IT Infrastructure Monitoring

Austin, TX – July 20, 2010Zenoss Inc., the corporate sponsor of Zenoss Core, today announced the general availability of Zenoss Core 3.0 under the GNU General Public License (V2). Fueled by the 85,000-member Zenoss community, the newest release features an updated user interface to improve usability giving users a complete view of all IT infrastructure -- physical, virtual and cloud computing. Beyond its new functional capabilities, Zenoss Core has been integrated with multiple open source IT automation projects, providing a framework for improved functionality and enabling better prevention of service failures.

Since the last Zenoss Core release in November 2009, the community has added more than100 new and updated management extensions to the project (called ZenPacks).

What's New in Zenoss Core 3.0

  • Simplified Interface. Based on feedback from thousands of users, Zenoss Core 3.0 includes an easy to navigate interface that allows for a better experience using and configuring Zenoss. Users now can more easily filter network monitoring data and organize their dashboards through a more efficient layout to help surface critical information for managing their physical and virtual infrastructure.
  • Virtualization Monitoring Framework. The Zenoss Community has developed extensions to expand monitoring for numerous virtualization technologies: VMware ESX, VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, Xen, and libvirt.
  • Deep monitoring for Amazon Web Services (EC2). Zenoss Core can be extended to collect information for these objects monitored through Amazon's CloudWatch APIs. As a result of the Zenoss in the Clouds community initiative, Zenoss Core can also be extended to monitor Google App Engine, Redis NoSQL databases, Ganglia-managed distributed computing systems and events from the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP), which is frequently used in enterprise business and cloud environments.
  • Integration with Configuration Management and Automation Tools. The Zenoss Community has developed integration with popular open source management tools Puppet and Cfengine to enable interoperability between tools and provide automated disaster recovery and prevention.
  • Highlights of new community ZenPacks compatible with Zenoss Core 3.0 include:

Supporting Quotes

“In addition to adding features and enhancements to its paid version, Zenoss Enterprise 3.0, Zenoss is making its free, community version Zenoss Core 3.0 more complete and capable thanks to both its own development and community development of enhancements and improvements in ZenPacks,” said Jay Lyman, enterprise software analyst for The 451 Group. “The company is also playing a role in making open source systems management software easier to set up and deploy across physical, cloud or virtual environments and resources -- a key flexibility customers are demanding.”

“This release is a testament to how a community of users can drive requirements and extend open source software. Their feedback was the basis for the extensive interface enhancements, while our large community of systems management experts broadened the scope of our monitoring capabilities,” said Mark Hinkle, VP Community at Zenoss. “Beyond that this release entails significant integrations between other open source systems management tools enabling users in our and other communities to make monitoring data actionable and provide automation for the higher levels of service assurance.”

The Zenoss 3.0 release can be downloaded from the Zenoss Community website at: http://community.zenoss.org/community/download.

About Zenoss Core

Zenoss Core is an award winning open source network monitoring and systems management project that delivers the functionality to effectively manage the configuration, health and performance of networks, servers and applications through a single, integrated software package. The Zenoss Community is comprised of over 85,000 active members who are instrumental in evolving the solution as well as providing timely support and help for all questions. One of the most active projects on SourceForge, Zenoss Core has been downloaded over one million times and is being used by companies in over 180 countries. The Zenoss Core project is sponsored by Zenoss Inc., a commercial open source independent software vendor. For more information on Zenoss Core, visit http://community.zenoss.org.

About Zenoss Inc.

Zenoss is the leading provider of Dynamic Service Assurance to the next-generation data center. Zenoss Enterprise is a purpose-built Dynamic Service Assurance product that assures IT service delivery to applications, business services and real-time physical, virtual and cloud-based infrastructures. With a community of over 85,000 users, Zenoss products monitor over one million network and server devices daily and have been used in over 25,000 organizations in 180 countries around the world. Commercial customers include leading companies such as Rackspace, VMware, LinkedIn, Carlson, Motorola and Deutsche Bank. To learn more about Zenoss' award-winning IT operations management software, visit https://www.zenoss.com.

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