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Zenoss IT Monitoring Delivers Ecosystem Extensibility to Proactively Support Verisae SaaS Operations

AUSTIN, TX — January 19, 2016 — Zenoss Inc., the leader in unified IT monitoring and analytics software, today announced that Verisae Inc., a leading global provider of maintenance, machine-to-machine monitoring, and mobile workforce solutions, has selected the Zenoss monitoring platform to manage its own rapidly growing Software as a Service (SaaS) operations.

THE ZENOSS DIFFERENCE FOR ENTERPRISE BUSINESS: A provider of SaaS solutions, Verisae connects maintenance and service networks globally, and has been utilizing the Zenoss community open source platform since 2009. Verisae has now chosen to deploy the full enterprise Zenoss Service Dynamics suite based on the availability of a wide range of existing pre-built plug-ins, ZenPacks, which allow Verisae to quickly customize their environment and connect to other applications, such as Oracle and JMX, for maximum extensibility.

"Zenoss plays a key role in our overall business service level agreements which translates to superior customer experiences," said Matt Stellpflug, Systems Engineer for Verisae. "With real-time visibility across our SaaS operations, the platform ensures solid plan execution and delivers service continuity at the lowest cost."

Verisae’s customers rely on tremendous amounts of data, which must be translated to prescriptive actions, to support all facility management, field service, and coordination between multiple devices for their Internet of Things deployments. Operating 24x7 at more than 370,000 sites in North America, Europe, and Asia, Verisae successfully manages 180,000 registered users and helps customers manage in excess of three million assets.

"Verisae now engages with both our enterprise software and support department as well as our open source community to create the most comprehensive monitoring platform," says Brian Wilson, Senior Vice President, Customer Success at Zenoss. "Zenoss continues to change the playing field, and the insight from our massive community drives the business value to every type of company, in every industry, around the globe."

THE ZENOSS DIFFERENCE FOR INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: "The value proposition for Verisae is the flexibility and extensibility of Zenoss to manage both the internal systems and SaaS platforms. The metrics collected around the health of the SaaS application provide proactive alerts, detect issues and prevent any type of service disruption," added Stellpflug. "We shopped around over the past year, but Zenoss does it all, with unlimited scalability, at the right price – there is nothing we can’t do with this as our infrastructure monitoring tool."

Zenoss, available on-premises or through Software as a Service, addresses monitoring and management challenges so that IT professionals can focus on delivering value instead of just keeping the lights on.

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About Verisae:

Verisae’s software technology brings together the concepts of Big Data, machine-to-machine communications and mobile technology to deliver solutions for companies in retail, utilities, telecommunications, manufacturing and service management industries. Verisae analyzes data to provide predictive, prescriptive and proactive maintenance and management. Operating on an open API technology platform, Verisae’s solutions are simple, integrated and mobile. Backed by Marlin Equity Partners, a $3 billion private equity firm, Verisae has a network of more than 180,000 registered users managing in excess of three million assets at more than 370,000 sites in North America, Europe, and Asia. For more information, please visit www.verisae.com or follow Verisae on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Zenoss:

Zenoss’ patented, agentless, and hyperscalable IT monitoring technology is trusted by more than 35,000 organizations worldwide, including Accenture, AT&T, BBC, CenturyLink, Cisco, Cognizant, HBO, Oracle, Rackspace, Salesforce.com, Verizon, VMware, and US Army. Named by Forbes as one of the Top 20 Cloud Companies and CEOs to Work for in 2015, Zenoss customers intelligently manage the complexity of hybrid cloud, converged, and disparate-vendor IT infrastructures. Visit www.zenoss.com for more information.

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