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TimoCom Standardizes Monitoring and Analytics With Zenoss

Centralized Approach Provides Unprecedented Infrastructure Insight and Control

AUSTIN, TX — June 11, 2015 – Zenoss Inc., a leading provider of unified IT monitoring and service analytics for virtual, physical and cloud-based IT infrastructures, today announced TimoCom has selected Zenoss Service Dynamics to consolidate monitoring and analytics across the organization to achieve a centralized view and pragmatic approach to IT operations.

@TimoCom_UK Standardizes #Monitoring and #Analytics with @Zenoss #zenoss5 to achieve #visibility #itom

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"As our business continues to grow, it became clear we needed to consolidate our monitoring efforts. We were using multiple vendors in various departments and that was not conducive to creating streamlined metrics critical to maintaining and improving our infrastructure," said Niels Haedecke, IT Infrastructure & Services, TimoCom. "We selected Zenoss based on the fact that the platform is easy to deploy and did not require agents. Instead, it utilizes SNMP, SSH, WMI and other API technologies to collect performance and system data."

TimoCom utilizes Zenoss to monitor Linux, Windows and Oracle databases and has deployed various ZenPacks including AIX. "Having a centralized system to collect, analyze and discover the root cause minimizes the time to resolution and impacts the productivity levels for all areas of our business. The scalability and queries to understand trends are also key differentiators for Zenoss."

"We can see the cost and effects, and understand instantly if there is a huge delay time for our databases, if they are performing at limits, if we are not forecasting, etc. There are other products that might do this, but we get trends, root cause analysis and a host of information just by running the simple queries available within the Zenoss system," added Haedecke.

The new Zenoss 5.0 platform contains robust APIs to support quick and easy integration and automation with ITSM, orchestration, and IT operations management systems. Available as an on-site or cloud-based service, Zenoss Service Dynamics provides unified, automated performance and availability monitoring and event management for any organization’s entire IT infrastructure.

"The future of logistics is characterized by technological change and with it increasing automation and networking. The future of monitoring is to liberate IT from mundane tasks and elevate the value of IT operations," said Brian Wilson, Senior Vice President of Customer Success. "We are thrilled to help TimoCom deliver a future orientated online marketplace in which transport services are secure, efficient and process supported."

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Zenoss is a leading provider of unified IT monitoring and service analytics software for virtual, physical and cloud-based IT infrastructures. Offered on-premise or as a cloud service, only Zenoss scales to deliver service-centric monitoring, root-cause isolation and operational intelligence that adapts in near real time to today’s most complex and dynamic IT environments. Over 35,000 organizations worldwide have deployed Zenoss to manage their networks, servers, virtual devices, storage, and cloud infrastructure, gaining visibility and control of their IT operations.

About Zenoss
TimoCom is Europe's largest transport platform and offers services to any companies involved in transports: the leading freight and vehicle exchange TC Truck&Cargo®, TC eBid®, the online transport tendering platform, as well as a warehousing exchange for tailor-made warehousing and logistic space. TC eMap®, a route planning and calculation solution that features an integrated tracking function for all conventional telematics systems, is the latest addition to its portfolio. All products are especially user-friendly, available in 24 languages in 44 countries and, of course, mobile available via app.

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