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State of North Dakota Powers Decisions with Zenoss

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - Apr. 17, 2012) - Zenoss, a leading provider of management software for physical, virtual, and cloud-based IT infrastructures, today announced that the State of North Dakota selected Zenoss over HP, Compuware, and Nagios as their Unified IT Operations Platform due to Zenoss’ ease of use, agentless monitoring and overall data visibility.

The State of North Dakota consolidated nearly all state government entities within the IT Department’s private cloud infrastructure. The ITD is responsible for monitoring presidential and state election services, legislative and executive branches, and provides hosting for a common student information system platform for more than 300 geographically dispersed school districts.

Dan Wanek, Systems Architect for the State of North Dakota explains, “The simplicity that Zenoss provides as well as the statistical reports allow for many government agencies within North Dakota to easily understand what is happening with their system. We use the statistics to make better decisions for future implementation, solve current problems and ensure that our systems are performing optimally.”

Before implementing Zenoss, the department was facing major obstacles in making intelligenent decisions about their heterogenous IT infrastructure consisting of VMware, Windows, Oracle RAC, AIX, Linux, and a mainframe. Without Zenoss, the ability to combine data for analysis across physical and virtualized servers, storage devices, networking and applications was nearly impossible. The tools ITD had in place were inconsistent across the various Infrastructure and provided little to no performance monitoring.

“Zenoss consolidated all this information and made it much easier for us to understand the data and the performance of each device running in our system,” stated Wanek. “We also didn’t have to go through extensive training with Zenoss as with other products like it. The simplicity of the product lent itself to a quick education curve.”

“We are excited to have the State of North Dakota as a long term customer and we look forward to driving ITD’s operational efficiency through the expanded use of Zenoss Service Dynamics,” said Bill Karpovich, CEO of Zenoss. “Dan’s team has continued to innovate in their IT Infrastructure and we are pleased that they are leveraging Zenoss to transform their IT operations as part of ITD’s ongoing innovation.”

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