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OpenStack Widens Lead According to Latest Zenoss State of the Open Source Cloud Research Survey

86% of Prospective Open Source Cloud Users Are Considering OpenStack, Followed by CloudStack at 43.9% and OpenNebula and Eucalyptus at 19.7%

Austin, TX – November 19, 2014 – Zenoss Inc., the leading provider of unified monitoring and analytics solutions for physical, virtual, and cloud-based IT infrastructure and applications, today announced results and findings from its second global survey, The 2014 State of the Open Source Cloud.

This research study is a follow up to a previous research survey conducted by Zenoss in 2012, and focuses on the evolution of the open source cloud market over the past two years. Findings are based on 376 responses from around the world, from both large and small organizations across many different industries.

Research from The 2014 State of the Open Source Cloud highlights the rapid growth in open source cloud adoption — 72% growth between 2012 and 2014. The survey also highlights the increasing dominance of the OpenStack platform in the open source cloud market — 69% of respondents who use an open source cloud use the OpenStack platform. However, major challenges remain, including lack of in-house specialized skills and lack of support, which continues to hold back cloud adoption in some organizations. Significant challenges related to efficiently managing the underlying IT infrastructure that supports cloud services and improving uptime also persist.

"Despite the tremendous growth in open source cloud adoption, enterprises still face big hurdles around effectively monitoring and managing their cloud infrastructure," said Alan Conley, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President at Zenoss. "However, 79% of organizations still use multiple tools to manage their cloud instead of a unified monitoring solution, which is very inefficient. Moving to a unified monitoring solution would reduce costs and inefficiencies and improve the performance and availability and their cloud services."

The research survey provides important insights into the benefits and challenges of today’s open source cloud platforms, including lower cost of ownership, agility, and faster time to value for applications. Additional research findings from the survey include:

  • 69% of respondents are using a cloud, with 43% of respondents using an open source cloud.
  • Satisfaction with open source clouds continues to grow; 77% reported satisfaction with their open source cloud, up from 71% in the 2012 survey.
  • Over 86% of prospective open source cloud users are considering the OpenStack platform, followed by CloudStack at 43.9%. OpenNebula and Eucalyptus were tied for third at 19.7%.
  • 32% of the organizations are using converged infrastructure to build their open source clouds; Dell Active Systems is the leader.
  • 41% of organizations surveyed who are considering an open source cloud plan on buying a unified monitoring tool to monitor their cloud services. Only 8% of current open source cloud users are using a unified monitoring tool today.

Download a full copy of The 2014 State of the Open Source Cloud research report.

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