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Latest Zenoss Product Release Addresses Application Downtime

Enhancements Ensure Health of Newly Deployed Applications

AUSTIN, TX—May 13, 2014 – Zenoss Inc., the leading provider of unified IT monitoring and management solutions for physical, virtual, and cloud-based IT infrastructure, today announced enhancements to the Service Impact component of Zenoss Service Dynamics. The new release ensures that the performance and availability of applications and services can be monitored upon initial deployment by leveraging Service Impact’s unique real time service model technology. Zenoss customers can now promote service models from their development systems through test and production, accelerating total deployment times and ensuring that applications are monitored from "day 1" in order to avoid costly downtime.

Service Impact, a component of Zenoss Service Dynamics, helps automatically identify the root cause of performance and availability issues through the use of real time service models. These models enable Zenoss Service Dynamics customers to add an application-centric context to their monitoring by mapping the relationships between IT infrastructure components and the applications that depend on those components for reliable delivery, and automatically keeping the mappings current. This provides a holistic view of application and service health that speeds up root cause analysis and facilitates prioritization of repair. The precise identification of the root cause of performance issues is particularly challenging in today's highly distributed, virtualized data centers because of the dynamically shifting relationships between applications, services, and infrastructure components.

"We use service models to decode the DNA of critical applications and services and understand the complex dependencies that applications have on underlying hybrid IT infrastructure," said Alan Conley, CTO of Zenoss. "Without understanding these dependencies it’s impossible to pinpoint the root cause of performance and availability issues, especially in highly virtualized and dynamic cloud environments."

Key enhancements to Service Impact include:

  • Service model promotion - Service models can be promoted across various stages of deployment such as from development to test, and later, from test to production instances. This ensures consistency across the all environments. Adjustments can be made to accommodate differing infrastructure without compromising the model's template and relationships.
  • Export and import service models – Service models can be exported or imported into Zenoss instances from external sources such as CMDB using standard GraphML formatted files.
  • Reconcile imported service models to reflect a Zenoss instance – Service models imported into Zenoss can be easily reconciled to match devices within the Zenoss instance.

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