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Converged Infrastructure Adoption Accelerates in 2014, Zenoss Study Finds

Survey Finds Adoption up 53 Percent Since 2013

AUSTIN, TX—June 19, 2014 – Zenoss Inc., the leading provider of unified IT monitoring and analytics solutions for physical, virtual, and cloud-based IT infrastructure and applications, has announced the results of their second annual "State of Converged Infrastructure" survey. Zenoss polled 183 IT professionals from North American and International organizations to determine how technology leaders are leveraging converged infrastructure, such as Cisco UCS and VCE VBlock, to respond to their business needs. The survey revealed that nearly half of the organizations surveyed currently use a converged infrastructure stack – a 53 percent increase over last year’s survey. Another 44 percent reported that they are considering or planning adoption, 70 percent of which are expecting to have one deployed by 2015.

Converged Infrastructure systems integrate servers, storage, networking and virtualization components into a single system that can be managed as a single unit rather than separate systems. Enterprises are racing to deploy these integrated systems because they offer a faster and lower risk way to scale up IT infrastructure capacity. According to research firm IDC the overall converged infrastructure market is experiencing explosive growth and will grow to more than $17B by 2016.

"Business agility and infrastructure cost savings are the promised benefits of converged infrastructure and our survey shows that it’s delivering on that promise," said Chris Smith, CMO of Zenoss. "Converged infrastructure requires converged management tools to operate effectively, that’s why our unified monitoring approach is the perfect fit for this environment."

Additional key findings from "The State of Converged Infrastructure" include:

  • Adoption of converged infrastructure is proceeding briskly. This year, 46 percent of the organizations surveyed are already using a converged infrastructure. In 2013, this number was 30 percent – a 53 percent increase.
  • Early adopters in technology now outpaced by finance industry. Results showed that the finance industry is adopting converged infrastructure most rapidly, leapfrogging by the 2013 leaders – technology and telecommunication companies.
  • Many plan on building their own converged infrastructure, but not many do. Of the companies considering or planning for converged infrastructure, 46.9 percent plan on building it themselves. Only 42 percent planned to do so in 2013. However, of the companies who already have converged infrastructure in place, only 22 percent had gone the DIY route.
  • Converged infrastructure still delivering on value. 73.3 percent of those surveyed felt that converged infrastructure enabled them to deliver better customer service. Results were similar in 2013 with 75 percent of those with converged infrastructure indicating they were providing better customer service than before deployment.

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