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The City of Houston Utilizes Zenoss Enterprise for Cisco Monitoring

AUSTIN, TX, Feb. 10, 2010 – Zenoss, Inc., a leading commercial open source provider of Unlegacy enterprise IT management products, today announced that the City of Houston is using the company to manage the mission-critical network infrastructure at the Houston Airport System (HAS), the world's sixth largest airport system. Using Zenoss Enterprise, The City of Houston has been able to reduce the total cost of operating its large and complex HAS network by over 500% while more efficiently meeting the demands of managing a network consisting of hundreds of Cisco routers, switches and firewalls spread across the city's three airports.

"Zenoss gave us greater visibility and control over our network devices and reduced our current monitoring costs. Within sixty days, we were able to make the switch to Zenoss and pay for the cost of the new system with just two months of network monitoring savings," said City of Houston CTO, Matt Hyde. "Total annual cost reductions are over 500%. Rarely do we ever get an ROI of that magnitude and we would not have achieved these savings without the help of Zenoss in partnership with Pate Consulting."

In the past, the airport's system suffered from network congestion resulting from poor visibility into traffic usage. The city's previous legacy tool presented not only a large blind spot with regards to network usage, but was also prohibitively expensive. The City of Houston, working in close partnership with Zenoss and Pate Consulting, quickly and economically deployed Zenoss and enabled the HAS with a better understanding of the bandwidth utilization between networks and how better to provision them accordingly.

"As the complexity of IT infrastructures continues to increase and budgets decrease, organizations need a single, robust product to monitor their environment completely and efficiently," said Zenoss CEO Bill Karpovich. "Our significant growth can be attributed to helping our customers with compelling solutions such as the one that has enabled the City of Houston to gain a comprehensive view of the Houston Airport System's network while also delivering significant time and cost savings."

Zenoss Enterprise is a next generation, Unlegacy IT management product that improves the monitoring of service to business applications and supporting infrastructure in the dynamic data center. With certified support for VMware and Amazon EC2 monitoring, as well as other highly scalable data center features, Zenoss Enterprise provides IT managers with the ability to monitor physical, virtual and cloud environments of significant size in one product. Zenoss Enterprise enables IT organizations to improve their IT service delivery in the next generation, dynamic data center at an affordable price.

About Pate Consulting

Pate Consulting, is a leading Linux consultancy providing professional services located in Houston, TX that offers professional services for open source solutions including network design, database administration, and hardware/software support using products from Cisco, Red Hat, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, The Apache Group, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and PHP. With over 14 years of Houston based IT consulting experience focused on Linux and other money saving Open Source solutions, Pate Consulting specializes in providing solid open source business solutions that focus line but give you a competitive edge over your competition. For more information visit their website: http://www.pateconsulting.com/.

About Zenoss Inc.

Zenoss is a leading commercial open source provider of Unlegacy IT enterprise management products. Zenoss Enterprise is a single model-based product that enables organizations to seamlessly manage physical, virtual and cloud based infrastructure with unprecedented power, agility and value. Leveraging a commercial open source model, Zenoss products monitor over one million network and server devices daily and have been used in over 25,000 organizations in 180 countries around the world. Commercial customers include leading companies such as Rackspace, VMware, WebMD, LinkedIn, Carlson, Motorola and Deutsche Bank. To learn more about Zenoss' award-winning IT operations management software, visit https://www.zenoss.com.