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BioreclamationIVT Deploys Zenoss to Monitor the Global IT Infrastructure That Manages Its Indispensable Biological Materials

AUSTIN, Texas - June 28, 2017 - Zenoss Inc., the leader in hybrid IT monitoring and analytics software, today announced that BioreclamationIVT, a leading provider of biospecimens and services to life sciences and pharmaceutical companies, has selected Zenoss to monitor its IT network, applications, and the storage freezers and refrigerators critical to its business.

Simplified IT Monitoring for BioreclamationIVT

BioreclamationIVT provides pharmaceutical companies with biological samples that are used to study diseases and find cures. For the last four years, the company has worked closely with information technology firm Epcom World Industries Inc. to strengthen its core technology infrastructure for security and business assurance. At Epcom World Industries' recommendation, BioreclamationIVT turned to Zenoss to standardize, simplify and upgrade its monitoring. The company, which is poised for growth through organic and inorganic strategies, expects to achieve cost savings as it deploys the scalable Zenoss platform to its locations in New York, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Baltimore, and Chestertown, Maryland.

"Each of our primary locations was using a separate monitoring system, each with its own quirks and problems. And at each location, we have extremely perishable products stored in many different ways," said Paul Servinskas, vice president of information technology at BioreclamationIVT. "We have biological materials stored in minus 20 Celsius, minus 80 Celsius, and in liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezers — as well as biospecimens and culture media stored in normal refrigerators. Bringing Zenoss into all of our locations will allow us to easily monitor all of our equipment in all of our facilities through a single cohesive platform."

Decreased Outages and Failures

In the six months since BioreclamationIVT deployed Zenoss in its U.K. facility, Zenoss has enabled employees to spot trends with freezers that are about to fail, allowing products to be saved before they spoil. The Zenoss platform is also easier for the employees to manage and provides insight, analysis, and a more efficient process than the previous monitoring systems.

"We have a very extensive clinical collection of disease-state specimens acquired over the past 10 years or more," Servinskas said. "These samples are irreplaceable and critical to our business, so it's extremely important to us to have the best possible monitoring system to ensure that nothing happens to those materials."

"As IT infrastructure becomes more complex, leaders need a more comprehensive solution for IT monitoring and analytics," said Brian Wilson, chief customer officer at Zenoss. "Partners like Epcom World Industries are overhauling their customer ecosystems, and it speaks volumes that they would select Zenoss as the monitoring platform for BioreclamationIVT, a private equity-backed firm that must operate efficiently and without service disruptions."

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About BioreclamationIVT
BioreclamationIVT is a worldwide provider of biological products to the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries. BioreclamationIVT specializes in control and disease-state matrices manufactured from human and animal biological specimens and has recently expanded its offering to include cell processing and phenotypic screening services. This portfolio of products is utilized throughout the drug discovery and development research workflows and directly supports the Precision Medicine Initiative by coupling clinical information with numerous disease-state fluids and tissues. BioreclamationIVT's reputation for providing exceptional customer service coupled with the highest quality specimens and services have made it the first-choice supplier for biospecimens for more than 35 years. For more information, please visit http://www.bioreclamationivt.com.

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