ZenPack 2014 H1 Recap: Zenoss Server and Database Monitoring Is Better Than Ever!

Here at Zenoss, our ZenPack team has been pretty busy over the past six months, delivering a great line-up of commercial plugins designed to help you easily extend server and database monitoring throughout your infrastructure. We want to make sure that everyone is aware – and taking advantage of – all the latest capabilities provided in these releases, so we put together a quick recap for you.

Server Monitoring

New and updated server monitoring ZenPacks include:

  • Solaris ZenPack (v2.2, Jan. 2014): This release includes support for monitoring different Solaris Zones – the virtualization containers used in the Solaris operating system.
  • Dell PowerEdge ZenPack (v2.0, Feb. 2014): This release adds support for out-of-band monitoring (via the iDRAC) to the existing in-band monitoring support (via the OpenManage agent) for all of your Dell PowerEdge 11G and 12G rack and blade servers. This new out-of-band management allows you to collect data from systems in the case of an unavailable operating system or system crash.
  • HP Proliant ZenPack (v1.0, March 2014): Our first commercial ZenPack for HP Proliant servers, this release provides important resource management, performance monitoring, and event management – via the onboard Insight Manager agent – for rack and blade servers used to build cloud and converged infrastructures. Version 2 of this ZenPack (coming soon) will add out-of-band monitoring capabilities via the HP iLO.
  • Microsoft Windows ZenPack (v2.1, May 2014): Version 2.0 was a complete rewrite that took advantage of the new WinRM protocol for monitoring and provided built-in monitoring for all major Windows applications. The latest 2.1 release builds on that functionality, adding support for Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2013, as well as Service Impact.
  • Microsoft Hyper-V ZenPack (v1.0.1, June 2014): This release lets you discover Hyper-V hosts and all Hyper-V components, including virtual machines, as well as provide performance monitoring, service impact, and event management for all your Hyper-V resources.

Database Monitoring

New and updated database monitoring ZenPacks include:

  • Oracle Database ZenPack (v3.0, Jan. 2014): Version 3.0 was a major upgrade, with the ability to identify and monitor Oracle database instances in clusters, monitor new KPIs like cache hit ratio and disc allocation, provide more granular monitoring with TableSpace support, and automate migration from previous versions.
  • IBM DB2 ZenPack (v1.0, April 2014): Our first commercial ZenPack for DB2, this release provides discovery, performance monitoring, event management, and service impact for DB2 databases. It supports multiple instances and can monitor statistics down to the level of individual table spaces.

Give the ZenPack Development Team Some Feedback!

In addition to these latest releases, we also have a new tool that commercial customers can use to provide suggestions for new Zenoss Service Dynamics features, including ZenPack development.

To use our new Zenoss Feature Requests tool, go to zenoss.uservoice.com and register using your email address.

Note: You must use an email address that includes your company or organization domain name, and not a personal email domain like gmail.)

After you register, submit your requests, feedback, and requirements – or comment and “promote” requests or requirements input by other community members. This will be an important source for informing our ZenPack development plans moving forward.

We’ve got a full slate of ZenPacks coming in the second half of 2014 – visit Zenoss Feature Requests and start participating today – we want to hear from you!




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