Zenoss vs. Zenoss: The Sequel [Webinar]

007We had great turnout for our May 17th Webinar on Zenoss vs. Zenoss – The Core vs. Commercial Throw Down.  (You can read the recap or watch the replay if you missed it). Since then, there have been quite a few requests for an even deeper feature-level comparison of the Zenoss Open Source and Enterprise offerings. So we are taking a page out of the Hollywood play book and producing a sequel:

What: Zenoss Open Source vs. Zenoss Enterprise:  Understanding the Differences
Date: Thursday, August 1st
Time: 1:00 pm CST | 2:00 pm EST | 11:00 am PST
Who: Matt Maloney, Sr. Technical Product Manager; Andrew Kirch, Zenoss Community Manager; and Deepak Kanwar, Marketing Strategist

We absolutely understand the desire for a straight-forward, checklist comparison between Zenoss Core and Zenoss Service Dynamics features. However, in taking that approach, it would be hard to get a full appreciation of the nuances between the solutions and their respective applicability. For a meaningful comparison to be made, it is imperative to view the available functionality in the context of the business goals you’re trying to achieve.

The perspective we’re trying to provide in this webinar could be likened to (sticking with our Hollywood theme here) the comparison between a standard Aston Martin and the James Bond version of that vehicle. Mr. Bond needs certain “capabilities” to perform his job – front-firing rockets, hood-mounted target-seeking guns, spike-producing tires, passenger ejector seats, etc. – that differ significantly from the standard model. The requirements for these capabilities depend, of course, on his mission location, end goal, and cast of supporting characters. Likewise with Zenoss, the capabilities you need to manage your IT operations – slightly less glamorous things like root cause analysis, service mapping, multi-geo deployment – rest on such variables as your operational goals, IT staff skill sets, and existing datacenter resources.

In Zenoss Open Source vs. Zenoss Enterprise, we’ll take you through a detailed discussion of the capabilities offered in Zenoss Core – and the scenarios where that functionality will most likely meet the needs of your business. We’ll look at that side-by-side with Zenoss Service Dynamics functionality, delving a bit more deeply into the usage scenarios opened up with this commercial version. Topics to be covered include:

  • Differences in Unified Monitoring, Service Assurance, and Analytics capabilities

  • How the solutions align to different short and long term needs

  • Which platforms and applications are covered

  • What key details need to be considered when making evaluation and deployment decisions

So bring your popcorn and be ready to walk away with all the information you need to determine what flavor of Zenoss makes most sense for you to evaluate and/or deploy. We look forward to you joining us on Aug. 1!





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