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As is our custom in company meetings we celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. Well, in 2014 my name was called to recognize my 2nd year at my company. Afterward, I heard a tremendous roar from the audience. Not the expected cadence of applause that is typical, but a louder than average roar!

Our VP of HR, whom was presiding over that portion of the program, looked over to me and commented with a smile "Wow, what did you to to earn that?" My response was a humble shoulder shrug gesture and I mouthed "I don't know". I then thought to myself "but it sure feels good".

It felt so good because unbeknownst to many in attendance, it was my last company meeting before cancer surgery. Two weeks later I was scheduled for this procedure. There were many doubts and frankly, I was scared. I managed to compartmentalize and trade those thoughts for thoughts of logistics. You see, on this day, I was completing the planning and execution of our first sales yearly kick off meeting and three day sales training at the Oasis.

As we wrapped up following the company meeting, I thought back over the last three days of sales training and presentations. I congratulated my team for their efforts and fondly recalled highlights. As I did so, that roar from the audience was still ringing in my mind. I went over to our events manager and asked whether there was a video recording he could send me. Perhaps a clip I could playback later and show my family what I heard.

What I heard and witnessed over the next two weeks leading to surgery has shaped me to this day. I have talked about the "circling of zebras" and what the spontaneous show of support from individuals within my company meant to me. What I haven't mentioned before today was how much that simple and momentary roar meant to me.

I still don't know why. Perhaps that is not for me to know. What really matters is what it communicated. The power of a positive, extraordinary moment can do so much to impact our lives.

Think about it, we should all have those moments. When you meet a deadline for a big project...ROAR...you finally figure out how to help your kid navigate the new math strategies that are very different from what you were taught as a kid...ROAR, or even a moment when you avoid a major traffic bottleneck to get to your destination safely and on time...ROAR.

For me, my moment was a year ago. All that happened between year 2 and 3 was I survived cancer! For those that contributed to giving me that moment of "feel good" I want to Thank You. You need to know how much it meant to me then and now to hear the words "...and celebrating 2 years cancer free. (cue audience....ROAR)!

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