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As we wrote in our previous blog post, “Bridging the Gap Between DevOps and ITOps”, there are a lot of organizational synergies to be gained from driving increased collaboration between ITOps and DevOps (see our eBook, Conflict to Cooperation: Aligning ITOps and DevOps for more details) – and Zenoss is poised to help you make the most of that opportunity.

The goal of delivering services faster to market is dependent on the idea that your infrastructure can be as flexible as needed to support that service delivery. One of the reasons that Zenoss is so helpful in bringing DevOps and ITOps into alignment is that our solution has a lot in common with the DevOps ideals. Just like DevOps teams, we are focused on managing and quickly adapting to environmental change and always being one step ahead of any threats to service delivery.

#1 -- We Use the Same Tools

DevOps teams use new toolsets to rapidly build, test, and deploy services. Zenoss, as part of both the development of our on-premise (Zenoss Service Dynamics) and our cloud service (Zenoss-as-a-Service) solutions, use many of the same tools for speeding the delivery of our applications to customers. As an example, Chef and Puppet are all used by our expert development and delivery teams. We know what the requirements are of these teams, and we therefore make it easier for ITOps to “speak their language” when it comes to monitoring.

#2 -- We Are All About Managing and Adapting Quickly to Change

The DevOps mission enables applications to be delivered faster – affecting development, testing, and production release schedules – which in turn is driving huge change across all operational processes. Zenoss is built to handle change – with rapid identification of configuration and component changes within highly dynamic environments like VMware vSphere or Cisco UCS. We not only discover it, we give administrators real-time visibility into it.

#3 -- We Want to Be One Step Ahead of Threats to Service Reliability

DevOps teams don’t want to just know when something goes wrong, they want to preempt it so that service delivery isn’t impacted. Zenoss knows how important is this, and we’ve been increasing our investment in analytics capabilities for the past few years. Taking historical information and turning it into actionable trending data that can keep infrastructures available and performing.

Holistic View of ITOps and DevOps Viewpoints

Just as DevOps is more than just pushing applications out the door quickly – it is all about improving the overall agility of the organization – so is Zenoss more than just a tool that ITOps uses to monitor infrastructure components. Zenoss can give insight to DevOps and ITOps about the health of service delivery infrastructure in real-time so that both teams can work together to make better decisions for application delivery and support. This eliminates finger-pointing, improving efficiency in both teams, and creates a foundation for more meaningful cooperation around driving overall business productivity.

To learn more about Zenoss and how we support the efficient delivery of applications, read our eBook, Conflict to Cooperation: Aligning ITOps and DevOps, or check out the following resources:



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