Zenoss Customer Advisory Board Validates Product Direction

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Last week, Zenoss hosted 26 representatives from our largest customers here in Austin at our annual Zenoss Customer Advisory Board (Z-CAB) meeting.

Members of our Z-CAB come from some of the most innovative companies in the world, and we are proud to be partnering with them and helping them solve real-world IT challenges.

What We Learned

During the Z-CAB sessions last week, we learned several important things:

  • Our vision and roadmap overall are on target and address the needs of our largest customers
  • Our product direction is in sync with our customers’ technology and business plans
  • Our CAB believes our next release of the Zenoss Service Dynamics platform will represent yet another giant leap forward in our product capabilities and direction.

We received strong validation of our approach and release strategy for the next generation of our Zenoss Service Dynamics platform, and several of our Z-CAB attendees are already busy working with beta versions of our next release.

Several of the customers at the Z-CAB presented how they currently use Zenoss to monitor and manage their enterprise IT infrastructure. Based on their presentations, it is clear that Zenoss has become a central, critical part of their service delivery and assurance strategies. For many of the Z-CAB customers, Zenoss is often the central event management engine, and ServiceNow is the most common ITSM in use by these customers. Our Z-CAB customers love our ServiceNow certified integration and the "flexibility" Zenoss provides, which allows them to customize and integrate with just about anything.

What We Heard

Five of the companies that attended this year’s Z-CAB have attended every customer advisory board meeting that Zenoss has ever had.

Attendees from these companies stated that one of the reasons that they keep coming back is that Zenoss is committed to:

  1. Looking back on what they were told at the previous CAB
  2. Reporting back on how we think we did meeting their requirements, and
  3. Asking for their feedback and confirmation

These companies all stated that no other customer advisory board they participated in was that attuned to their needs or holds themselves as accountable as Zenoss.
Other quotes and comments heard at the Z-CAB were:

“We went from contact to go live in six weeks with Zenoss. The Zenoss rollout was the fastest of any enterprise software product we’ve ever worked with.”

“I am more convinced than ever that we partnered with the right vendor. You have a great product… and are soliciting feedback and incorporating that feedback into the product quickly.”

“Excellent sessions! Definitely the best CAB I have attended.”

"Zenoss gives me a common view across all of my silos. We eliminated 37 different monitoring products and now have a single source of truth. No longer is there discussion about whose data to believe. Instead we are immediately into remediation efforts when issues occur and this has reduced our MTTR by over 85%."

"We tried for years to make our legacy monitoring effective and finally gave up and went with Zenoss. What a major difference. Not only did we reduce our license costs by 90% with Zenoss, we freed up funds to hire 5 additional administrators."

"Being a Service Provider, our network is the backbone of our business. We use Zenoss to monitor more than 50,000 network and security devices across 7 datacenters across the globe. We love the way that Zenoss focuses on our needs and helps us to continue to expand our business."

"With Zenoss, I can say YES more to the business. The flexibility the product provides me is unmatched. We tried 3 other monitoring vendors over the years before standardizing on Zenoss. I couldn't live without the product. I have never had a vendor so intent on understanding my business and my needs. Zenoss is great."

Many Thanks to Our Z-CAB Participants!

A big thank you to our Z-CAB members for taking the time to attend our Z-CAB in Austin last week. Their feedback on the Zenoss platform and future direction was invaluable, and we are looking forward to seeing them all again at GalaxZ, our annual user conference, which will be held in Austin at the W Hotel May 4-7, 2015!



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