Zenoss Cares - Volunteering for Thinkery!

Thinkery Close UpBy: Anne Cruz >> When our Zenoss Cares team sent out a call for volunteers at Austin's Thinkery, I got really excited.  Thinkery is an evolution of Austin’s Children’s Museum (ACM), and it’s chock full of fun things for kids and parents to do together.  Thinkery is a place where families can connect with ideas through science making it an exciting hot bed of hands on adventure for future innovators. As a parent of a young child, I have directly benefited from their programs, and having the opportunity to give back to the museum as a volunteer through Zenoss Cares is doubly rewarding.

During our last volunteer event at the Central Texas Food Bank, I spent time working side by side with some coworkers who I didn’t know very well, and we sorted food, danced to the music, and had a fabulous time giving back to our local community. During our Thinkery volunteer event our Zenoss Cares team bonded while we inventoried Legos for robotics kits, cut out paper parts for piggy masks, and many team members were given their first tour of Thinkery.



Team Building While Volunteering for Thinkery

Servant leadership in the communities where Zenoss team members work is a very important part of our team culture. Not only does Zenoss Cares donate our time and do positive volunteering in our communities, but the team also creates a fantastic opportunity to get to know each other outside of the office. Volunteering together amplifies the already positive, productive and fun atmosphere at the office. Personally this is a huge reason I love coming to work at Zenoss every single day. Debating innovative ideas with co-workers after you’ve seen them “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It” while loading cans of corn or counting/sorting legos is not only a ton more fun but far more productive since volunteering strengthens our working relationships.

Thinkery4Zenoss hires great people with brilliant ideas, and a wonderful zeal for life. Yes, the work we do in the office is very important, but the time investment in the communities where we work, and the time away from the office to laugh and get to know one another is just as essential to our ability to innovate. Thanks to the great leadership we have at Zenoss and the drive of the Zenoss Cares team, we get to do both.

If you are in the Austin area, check out Thinkery! They are fantastic and we thank them for inviting our Zenoss Cares team onsite to volunteer.



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