Zenoss 2011 OpenStack Adoption Survey Infographic and Results

**UPDATED 11/21**

It was recently mentioned that we did not give the full breakdown of our survey respondents. Here are the numbers behind the stats:

  • 6%    Zenoss Blog readers & Twitter Followers
  • 10%  OpenStack Conference Attendees, Boston 2011
  • 84%  Zenoss Community & Site Visitors


In October, we gathered 772 survey responses from the OpenStack Conference and the Zenoss open source management community. The results revealed that nearly 75% of the participants are considering an OpenStack deployment, driven by cost savings and avoiding vendor lock-in with the platform.

We created an infographic to highlight some of the most interesting results:

Additional key findings in the 2011 OpenStack Adoption Survey include:

  • The biggest drivers for considering OpenStack are Cost (47%) and Avoiding Vendor Lock-In (46%).
  • Among enterprise, service provider and government respondents, OpenStack and VMware vSphere are nearly tied and represent nearly 80% of the cloud operating system most likely to be deployed.
  • Service providers are more likely to choose OpenStack over enterprise and government organizations.
  • Organizations with higher levels of satisfaction with open source systems are more likely to choose OpenStack over VMware vSphere as a cloud operating system.
  • Among organizations building or planning to build internal storage and compute clouds, Zenoss (47.8%) and Nagios (40.5%) are the management tools most likely to be used.

To see the full results of the survey, download the Zenoss 2011 OpenStack Adoption Survey.

And congratulations to Russ McElroy on winning the iPad for participating in the survey!



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