Zenny's Weekly Cloud Links #38 - Cloud Washing, Open Source, Unified Ops

Happy Holidays everyone! Hope you've been enjoying the weekly cloud links. Cloud Links will be on hold for next week and will return for a year in review finale on 12/30.

Every Friday we like to highlight some of our favorite posts on Cloud Computing, service orientated infrastructure, DevOps, Big Data, and anything else that grabbed our attention over the week. Here are some great articles from the week of December 12th that are worth taking a look at. Enjoy!


2011 & 2012 Trends & Stats


Why CIOs can't afford to ignore open source by Barry Costin

With the end of 2011 upon us there comes an opportunity to set goals and ‘resolutions’ for the next year ahead, so here’s one to consider. New Year resolution: CIO hostages can and should break free from their software captors by taking a very deliberate approach to opening up their architectures to a more heterogeneous approach to software selection.

Open Source Software Usage High in Australian Government by Miguel Leiva-Gomez

The Australian Government Information Office (AGIMO) just demonstrated that the government is using plenty of open source software (OSS)...“Open source is being used on many platforms including Windows, Solaris, Unix and Mac,” said Brian Catto at an Open Source (News - Alert) Developers' Conference in ANU, Canberra. “Applications being used include Web platforms, Apache; operating systems, Linux; geospatial applications, GeoNetwork; and Web browsers, Firefox.”

Cloud Computing: An Ode to the Lost Server Huggers [w/Infographic] by CloudTweaks

It is no longer a question. The Cloud is officially the future, it is here to stay and will probably take over everything in the next two to three years. As some industry watchers are saying the only major hurdle still blocking the way of the Cloud’s inexorable march are the server huggers still clinging on to their legacy technologies and private data centres.

Knowledge Management as a Service by Srinivasan Sundara Rajan

This is the continuation of my series of articles on Industry SaaS. This term ‘Industry SaaS' can be used interchangeably with BpaaS (Business Process as a Service). However, the term ‘Industry SaaS' meaning a Software as a Service that's meant for a specific industry need is stressed for broader attention, as the term BpaaS has yet to mature with a clear definition.

The Unified Data Center – Computing, Fabric and Management by Kevin Normandeau

As your data center evolves from the physical to the virtual and onto the cloud you need to have systems that adapt simply, perform optimally and remain secure. This paper provides an overview of the Cisco Unified Data Center and provides a look into a platform that offers these benefits and more.

How Has Cloud Computing Impacted Businesses Around the World? [INFOGRAPHIC] by Matt Silverman

We have long been advocates of moving business operations into the cloud. The remote access, cost-savings and organizational benefits alone make it a no-brainer. Now that we’ve been floating around in the digital ether for a few years, what have we learned? How has cloud computing affected company bottom lines? Has it really made operations “greener?” Why do most companies move into the cloud in the first place? We have long been advocates of moving business operations into the cloud. The remote access, cost-savings and organizational benefits alone make it a no-brainer.

Microsoft: Yes, Virginia, We Are a Cloud Company by Cade Metz

People keep asking Kurt DelBene if Microsoft is serious about cloud computing. DelBene is the man in charge of Microsoft’s Office division and one of five division heads who report directly to CEO Steve Ballmer, so he’s the right person to ask. But he finds the question a bit perplexing. “We’re as serious about the cloud as we are about evolving our businesses,” he says...

How to get rich in the cloud by David Linthicum

Tech jobs are coming back, and cloud computing skills are at the top of the list; a well-placed bet in a cloud computing skill could lead to good paydays in the next few years. However, cloud computing as a term is so overused that you need to be much more specific about your area of focus.

Why hasn't desktop virtualization taken over the world? by Dan Kusnetzky

Desktop virtualization means different things to different people. Suppliers declare that this approach can save money and create a more secure, reliable and manageable environment. If it is so good, why hasn’t it taken over the world?

IT consumerization rising faster in emerging markets (survey) by Rachel King

Reality bites: IT departments need to grapple with consumer technology proliferating in the workplace, according to new research. If there weren’t already enough studies, surveys, and experts to inform us, yet another report has been published arguing that the rising use of consumer technology in the workplace is a big issue for IT departments.

Cloud adviser: Where's your data? by Thomas J. Trappler

Be sure your contract specifies where your data can be located and obligates the cloud provider to tell you when the data has been disclosed to a third party.



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