Zenny’s Weekly Cloud Links #30 - CTO, Hybrid Cloud, Big Data, Ubuntu, Data Integration

Grevy’s Zebra, Ohio by Matt Eich

Every Friday we like to highlight some of our favorite posts on Cloud Computing, service orientated infrastructure, DevOps, and anything else that grabbed our attention over the week. Here are some great articles from the week of October 10th that are worth taking a look at. Enjoy!


Your Network is a Savings Bank [INFOGRAPHIC] by David McCulloch

Until the good times return, it’s likely that you, I and buyers of IT equipment everywhere will continue to look carefully at price labels. That’s the nature of things in these uncertain economic times, right?

Service Provider CTO: Software as a Service: Does it have anything to do with 'the Cloud'? by Ian Massingham

In the run up to VMworld, which is taking place in Copenhagen later this month, pan-European Cloud SP (and EMC Service Provider Partner) Colt have been running a survey to get the views of their customers and partners on a few of the common questions around Cloud Computing. There are going to be more survey's coming up soon as this is the first of series that Colt are planning to run before VMworld takes place.

The hybrid cloud is not a silver bullet by David Linthicum

As more enterprises seek the flexibility of hybrid clouds, many end up driving them into the ground instead. "Hybrid clouds can save us" -- that's the mantra I'm hearing more and more from corporate IT these days. "Hybrid clouds can save us" -- that's the mantra I'm hearing more and more from corporate IT these days.

Cloud computing a viable reality, experts say by Scott Shuey

Cloud computing may look like a trend, but IT experts at Gitex say understanding the cloud and knowing how to secure it are going to be critical to technology for years to come. "It's a trend that's more than a trend," says Dan Harden, president of Silicon Valley-based Whipsaw, an industrial design and engineering company.

Is Big Data a Good Thing? by Geoff Livingston

Big Data is a crazy reality that we have created with society’s many digital input devices, from street cameras to the common smartphone (sorry, Trekkies). There is so much data available that computing algorithms are needed to extrapolate and contextualize the information. Companies are actively looking at ways to mine and extrapolate Big Data for analytics and market use.

You’ll guarantee that cloud, won’t you? by Jay Heiser

I’m driving a four-year old car with over 50K miles on the odometer. It runs like a top, requiring only routine annual maintenance and a quart or two of oil. When I was a kid, a 3-year old car represented an ongoing maintenance hassle. Other than the quirky guy down the street with the 190D, anybody who wanted to avoid constant breakdowns got rid of their car long before mileage reached 6 figures.  Autos are a lot more reliable these days, which is why my 4-year old wagon still has a more comprehensive power train warranty than was typical for new cars in 1965.

Should Your Business Use Cloud Computing? They Already Do by Jefferey Rigler

Cloud computing sounds complicated and ethereal - doesn't it? (I picture Lando Calrissian tending to computers in Cloud City for the benefit of us all.) "That's cutting edge; I need to get my business on the right track and look into cloud computing." These thoughts can be overheard at most companies. So, what does it mean anyway? I was going to write about a shared network of servers off site. The fact that you can save a ton of money by cloud computing. (You actually can.) However, a much simpler definition of cloud computing exists.

Ubuntu will power HP's new cloud service by Jon Brodkin

Ubuntu Linux will be the primary operating system powering HP’s upcoming cloud service, Ubuntu maker Canonical said last week. HP recently opened a private beta program for an infrastructure-as-a-service cloud that will offer both compute and storage capacity, using the OpenStack open source cloud platform.

Energy Management Software: The Next Major Data Integration Problem by Loraine Lawson

Heads up, CIOs: There's a new tech integration problem starting, and, not surprisingly, it's starting in the lines of business. Given the scope of the problem, it probably won't be long before you're called in to handle the data integration details. Of course, if history's any indication, by then the LOBs will have already invested in a solution and it'll be too late to negotiate.

Cloud Computing Application Management and Lean ITIL by Srinivasan Sundara Rajan

Cloud Application Management: Application life cycle in cloud has various phases. Transforming applications to work efficiently in cloud:

-        Provision applications to cloud so that business can use them

-        Manage and monitor applications to satisfy the QoS needs of the business

-        Decommission applications

However, the one that has the highest attention and support from vendors is about the management and monitoring of applications so that applications run as per the desired quality of service.


And a few more honorable mentions...


Image thanks to National Geographic



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