Zenny’s Weekly Cloud Links #22 - OpenStack, Cloud Vendors, Amazon, Virtualization

Every Friday we like to highlight some of our favorite posts on Cloud Computing, service orientated infrastructure, DevOps, and anything else that grabbed our attention over the week. Here are some great articles from the week of August 8th that are worth taking a look at. Enjoy!


How OpenStack Helps Rackspace’s Business by Rich Miller

“It’s been a good year for Open Stack. The open source software for building cloud computing platforms now has 1,200 developers and more than 90 companies contributing code – including HP and Dell. But how does this momentum translate into business benefits for Rackspace, the cloud hosting provider that helped found the project.”

Amazon Outages Equals "Down Goes the Internet"? Are you Kidding Me? by Floyd Strimling

" Even as I begin to write this blog posting, I can feel my blood pressure rising and my anger percolating.  I am tired of the supposed Cloud computing “experts” who continue to regurgitate other people’s thoughts or make ridiculous statements in the name of attracting attention.  These individuals seek fame, re-tweets and page-views by inflicting a negativity that is the definition of tabloid/sensational blogging/journalism."

Evaluating Cloud Vendors: The Ecosystem Matters by David Taber

“It's axiomatic that in software of any complexity, the ecosystem of plug-in products, tools, compatible APIs, and developer community can become really important. In certain software product categories, the importance of the ecosystem can swamp any feature advantage that an upstart product may have, leading to what economists call a natural monopoly.”

2016: All in the Cloud? by Mark Phillips

“If there is one top-of-mind issue among CIOs today, it is Cloud computing. But how will it be positioned five years from now — as an innovation that brought about overriding change in the way IT delivers business service or, as some predict, something responsible for nothing more than incremental change to the familiar hosting arrangements and one that back in 2011 was wrapped in massive hype?”

Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Virtualizing Data (Revisited) by Robert Eve

“In late 2008, I wrote the cover article for the November edition of Virtualization Journal. Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Virtualizing Data described the ten most common mistakes made by data virtualization's early adopters… In the nearly three years since, both data virtualization technology and its adoption have advanced significantly.”

Staying ahead of cloud complexity by Beth Schultz

“Managing cloud infrastructure and services is similar to traditional network management - only bigger, badder and more complex. Where once you had to deal with maybe one or two strategic outsourcers, in the cloud world you're more likely contending with a dozen or more cloud service providers, be they software-as-a-service or infrastructure. “

Huge Data Growth and Effective Disaster Recovery by Joe Forgione

“The top data protection concern for large enterprises is the speed at which their already massive data volumes are growing, according to our third annual survey of sizable companies. This isn’t surprising.”

It's official: 'Cloud computing' is now meaningless by David Linthicum

“Gartner's 2011 hype cycle shows that cloud computing is entering the trough of disillusionment as everyone claims to be cloud-centric, but few are”

Is Virtualization Really a Base for Cloud? by Kumaresan Nagarethinam

“While some professionals say that virtualization is not mandatory for cloud and other say that Virtualization is the base for cloud. I am trying to answer the above question by providing a rationale for using virtualization in cloud.”


And a few honorable mentions from the b-roll...




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