Zenny's Weekly Cloud Links #21 - Amazon, CIO, Future of IT Skills & Cloud, Datacenter

Zenny, Zebra, Zenoss, iPadEvery Friday we like to highlight some of our favorite posts on Cloud Computing, service orientated infrastructure, DevOps, and anything else that grabbed our attention over the week. Here are some great articles from the week of August 1st that are worth taking a look at. Enjoy!


Amazon Gives Users Direct Connections to its Cloud by Derrick Harris

“Amazon Web Services today announced a trio of features designed to lure in enterprise users, including dedicated connections to its cloud data centers and a larger Virtual Private Cloud footprint. As AWS strives to bring in more enterprise business, it’s doing everything possible to make its services as flexible, reliable and secure as possible.”

How Cloud Computing Is Reshaping The Role Of The CIO by Scott Bils

“Four disruptive forces are causing executive teams to reconsider how the CIO function will add strategic value in a world where cloud computing, distributed architectures and mobile ubiquity are givens for future competitiveness.”

The Future of IT Skills: What You Need To Keep Your IT Career Alive by Lee Pender

“IT pros need to constantly update their skills in order to survive. Redmond asked experts -- and readers -- which skills and jobs have a solid future and which ones will crumble in the years to come. Here's what we found.”

In the future, Cloud Computing will be the only choice via Telegraph.co.uk

“Organizations that fail to embrace cloud computing as part of a new way of working will struggle to survive beyond the next decade… If you go forward to the 2020s a successful enterprise will probably have no chief executive, no headquarters and no IT infrastructure…”

Informal Cloud Buyers - A Growing IT Problem by Jim Finnan

“Who needs the IT department when it comes to purchasing cloud services for your business unit…Many IT departments are kept out of the decision making process as well as the procurement process when it comes to purchasing cloud services to run apps geared toward certain business units within large organizations.”

Time to Think about Cloud Governance by Phil Wainewright

“Lack of a proper governance strategy when adopting cloud applications and platforms is leaving enterprises with a mish-mash of SaaS silos and cloud islands, leading to poor data consistency and inadequate policy management and oversight.”

CIOs Lack Adequate Cloud Computing Knowledge by Stephanie Overby

“Cloud computing adoption is increasing rapidly, but CIOs' ability to structure and manage these deals is not keeping pace, according to a second quarter 2011 survey by KPMG Sourcing Advisory.”

Report: Data Center Energy Use is Moderating by Rich Miller

“The upward trend in the growth of data center energy usage has slowed, according to a new study from Stanford professor Jonathan Koomey. The report found that data center power consumption increased by 36 percent from 2005 to 2010, a much smaller increase than the 100 percent gain projected in an influential study Koomey prepared in 2007.”

Obama’s IT Team Tries to Reinvent Systems Development Model by Brian Heaton of Govtech.com

“While IT departments across all levels of government experiment with various types of cloud-based services and interagency systems, private-sector officials said the transition won’t be fully realized until IT starts to be thought of as a service rather than a product.”


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