Zenny's Cloud Links #63 - Cloud Failure, Google Compute Engine, BYO Datacenter

Every Friday we like to highlight some of our favorite posts on IT Operations, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Virtualization and anything else that grabbed our attention over the week. Here are some great articles from the week of July 2nd that are worth taking a look at. Enjoy and have a fantastic weekend!


The Inside Story of the Extra Second That Crashed the Web by Robert McMillian & Cade Metz | Wired Enterprise

When Saturday night’s leap second glitch hit Reddit, Jason Harvey didn’t realize it was the leap second glitch. He thought it was some sort of internet slowdown related to the massive Amazon cloud outage that brought down some of the web’s most popular services less than 24 hours earlier.

Amazon Explains Cloud Computing Snafu by Greg Bensinger | WSJ

Amazon.com Inc. on Saturday restored service to its cloud computing operations after electrical storms cut service to some customers including Netflix Inc. and Instagram. But Amazon waited until Monday to tell the world that those operations were fully back up.

Private Cloud Platform Selection: OpenStack, VMWare or Microsoft? by Abhishek | The Customize Windows

Private Cloud Platform Selection has more than one reasons to take the latest packages under the magnifying glass and analyze to build private cloud for own. The names of Private Cloud Platform arise in this topic are OpenStack, VMWare, Microsoft, Eucalyptus, Cloud Stack, Red Hat Cloud, Cloud Foundry etc. We only can point you towards the positive and negative points of each Private Cloud Platform, but it is you who have to select the Private Cloud Platform yourself, simply as we can not promote any particular Private Cloud Platform.

Three Ways That Cloud Computing Benefits Business Process and Structure by Adrian Sanders | Cloud Computing Journal

Most small business owners understand cloud computing as a tool. A pay-as-you-go, web based tool. Not more, not less. And they’re pretty much right. Thing is, tools matter. They carry distinct advantages and disadvantages, which are sometimes subtle, long term, and structural. Cloud computing is no exception: besides the usual advantages, cloud based tools help businesses become more transparent, more flexible, and (ultimately) more profitable. Here’s how.

How to deal with cloud failure: Live, learn, fix, repeat by Derrick Harris | Gigaom

On Monday night, Amazon Web Services published a detailed post-mortem of its latest cloud outage, which struck on Friday night as massive thunderstorms knocked out power to one of the company’s east coast data centers. However, issues with the data center’s backup generator were just a catalyst — it was a handful of latent software bugs that manifested themselves as the system attempted to restore itself that did the real damage.

Wrong Strategy: 5 Ways Not to Compete with Amazon AWS by Floyd Strimling | Zenoss

These days, it seems that the whole world is gunning for Amazon.  Who can argue with the success of their on-line retail ventures, Kindle franchise, and of course AWS?  The secret to Amazon’s success is their ability to tune out the noise and focus on innovating, disrupting and creating new markets.  Here’s 5 reasons how not to compete with Amazon AWS:

Google Shaman Explains Mysteries of 'Compute Engine' by Cade Metz | Wired Enterprise

Google started work on the Google Compute Engine over a year and a half ago, and it was all Peter Magnusson could do to keep his mouth shut.

'Amazon can't do what we do': Twitter-miner's BYO data centre heresy by Gavin Clarke | The Register

Sometimes floating on somebody else’s cloud isn’t enough. Sometimes you just have to float alone – no matter how young you are. DataSift, the five-year-old big data company mining billions of tweets and Wikipedia edits, reckons it’s just one year away from building its own data centre.

Internet Outage Last Weekend Was Preventable by Brian Proffitt | ReadWriteWeb

If ever there was a time that seemed to demonstrate the vulnerability of cloud computing, last weekend was certainly it. Mother Nature’s capricious whims put the smackdown on an Amazon Web Service (AWS) data center in Ashburn, Virginia, Friday night, bringing down hundreds of websites and quite a few popular online services.

CIOs Warming (and Moving) to Cloud Technology by D.H. Kass | CIO.com

Research from Host Analytics and Dimensional Research indicates that IT is spending significantly for cloud services. CIOs are practicing what they preach, too, as IT departments outpace all other business units in cloud adoption.

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