Zenny's Cloud Links #55 - DevOps Culture, IaaS, OpenShift, SugarCRM

Every Friday we like to highlight some of our favorite posts on IT Operations, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Virtualization and anything else that grabbed our attention over the week. Here are some great articles from the week of April 30th that are worth taking a look at. Enjoy and have a fantastic weekend!

Cloud & the evolution of the enterprise architect by James Urquhart

Enterprise architects have been a staple of corporate IT departments for well over a decade now, starting in earnest with the advent of service-oriented architecture and corporate data modeling. The need for enterprise architecture was spurred by the need to gain control over an increasingly complex computing environment, and an increasingly large backlog of data and feature needs. But those needs are changing, and so is the job of the enterprise architect.

To win with cloud computing, change IT first by David Linthicum

Most organizations consider the move to cloud-based platforms as simple additions to the existing portfolio of IT systems. However, if internal IT does not change around the usage of most cloud services, enterprise IT won't get the full benefits. Indeed, many initial uses of cloud computing resources in such organizations will end up in failure. The dirty little secret is that most of the change to IT needs to occur before the first implementation to make cloud computing holistically successful.

Devops Culture (Part 1) by John Willis

After the first US based Devopsdays in Mountainview 2010 Damon Edwards (@damonedwards) and I coined the acronym CAMS, which stands for Culture, Automation, Measurement and Sharing. Jez Humble (@jezhumble) later added an L, standing for Lean, to form CALMS. In this post I wanted to start with an introduction and overview of what culture might look like in the DevOps movement and identify some patterns.

VMware, Piston Cloud pledge to develop open source PaaS offering by Brandon Butler

Deal allows integration of Open Stack with Cloud Foundry to create IaaS cloud deployment model aimed at enterprise users. In a pairing of unlikely partners, Piston Cloud Computing announced it will work to support integration of VMware's open source platform-as-a-service offering Cloud Foundry with OpenStack, the open source infrastructure-as-a-service model. In a pairing of unlikely partners, Piston Cloud Computing announced it will work to support integration of VMware's open source platform-as-a-service offering Cloud Foundry with OpenStack, the open source infrastructure-as-a-service model.

Devs vs. Ops: Sushi vs. Meat and Potatoes by Klint Finley

One of the criticism of DevOps we hear often is that it’s too focused on getting operations to change according to what developers want than getting developers to adjust to the realities that constrain operations. For example, Circonus CEO Theo Schlossangle made this point on theCube earlier this year.

Amazon EC2 – a real-world case study of moving from a data center to the cloud by Greg Wilson

Most people exploring Amazon EC2 ask the same question I asked… “What is this really going to cost me?”. When you dig into how EC2 is priced, you’ll find that there are multiple variables, which creates a bit of uncertainty. Basically, it boils down to the server instance type, the disk space used, and the amount of data moved in and out of the instance. There are other small charges for number of I/Os and any unused IP addresses, but these are typically only a few cents and don’t have much impact on the final bill (based on my experience).

Zynga Takes On Amazon In IaaS Game by Charles Babcock

Zynga will sell cloud infrastructure-as-a-service to other game makers who want a hosting platform. With this innovative play, Zynga just became Amazon's competitor.

IBM PureApplication Systems: It Is Not PaaS. Period. by Krishnan Subramanian

IBM Impact has been going on at Las Vegas and the buzz around the event is IBM PureSystems. I see a lot of excitement around PureSystems both from IBM side and their customer side. However, I also see some confusion around the messaging. IBM has been sending ambiguous signals around IBM PureApplication Systems which is part of the IBM PureSystem family.

Red Hat releases OpenShift source code by Sophie Curtis

Open source software distributor Red Hat has released the source code for its OpenShift platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering, allowing developers to run the platform on multiple cloud fabrics, including OpenStack.

IBM's SugarCRM Deal Is Sweet for Open Source Software by Clint Boulton

IBM's recent decision to replace its Oracle Siebel customer management system with SugarCRM's web-based application is a big vote of confidence in commercial open source software.

Piston to Integrate Cloud Foundry & OpenStack by Maureen O'Gara

Clouds evidently make for strange bedfellows. Piston Cloud Computing, the start-up peddling an OpenStack distribution for enterprise private clouds, is co-operating with VMware of all people to develop a Cloud Provider Interface (CPI) that integrates OpenStack cloud infrastructure with Cloud Foundry, VMware's open source Platform-as-a-Service.

The Fundamental Elements Of Cloud Computing Security by the Cloud Business Review Team

Cloud computing is the hot topic in the IT industry at the moment, but it is recognised that many businesses are cautious about migrating services to the cloud due to concerns over security.

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