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Zenoss as a Service ZaaSAs companies continue to drive efficiencies within their operations, they look for ways that enable them to focus on their core competencies and effectively outsource the rest. Overcoming initial resistance, many organizations have even started consuming their mission critical functions as a service. Offerings such as SalesForce.com, Google Docs, ServiceNow  and now Office 365, are proving that given assurance of security and reliability, we are all comfortable trusting 3rd party providers. One area, however, has lagged others in its adoption and that is IT monitoring and management as a Service. Despite the obvious convenience and time to value benefits, cautious IT leaders have been reticent in its adoption.

Reluctance is understandable.  Vendors, in their bid to be early entrants, have brought to market dumbed-down and often highly-diluted versions of their flagship products. While quick to deploy, the capabilities of these solutions have left a lot to be desired. For those for whom a check mark will suffice, these might be viable options.  Strategic IT leaders  - who rightly view monitoring as a key part of their IT infrastructure - find this approach lacking.

Here at Zenoss, we believe that the robustness of the solution should not be compromised, regardless of the consumption model – on-premise or hosted. And that was the thinking behind offering Zenoss Service Dynamics as a Service. Zenoss Service Dynamics or Zenoss as a Service (ZaaS) as we like to call it, allows customers to take advantage of the advanced capabilities found in our on-premise solution, without owning the process of deployment, support or management. For some, a hosted solution could mean the difference between deploying unified monitoring and sticking with sub-optimal monitoring.

Next week, we'll be presenting analysis from a study by Forrester, regarding significant efficiencies one can gain - *if* you stop juggling 10+ tools (on average) to conduct your infrastructure monitoring. 98% of those who have reviewed the findings said they'd recommend their peers review this research, too. And at the end of the presentation, we'll be discuss the 2 methods you can now use to take advantage of Zenoss Service Dynamics capabilities, on-premise and Zenoss as a Service.

Zenoss Investigates: How to Optimize IT Operations for Datacenter Efficiency [Forrester Research]

What is ZaaS?

ZaaS is a SaaS, or hosted, version of the Zenoss Service Dynamics solution. It delivers advanced service assurance capabilities to your physical, cloud and hybrid environment that enables you to reduce incidents, prioritize & expedite problem resolution, and minimize downtime.

ZaaS delivers two key capabilities, Resource Management, that enables unified monitoring across your disparate environment, and Service Impact Management, that maintains real-time information on service-asset dependencies and relationships. Then, through a unique combination of holistic resource monitoring, root cause analysis, and identification of asset-service relationships & dependencies, Zaas helps you prevent disruptions, lower MTTR and deliver on your challenging SLAs. All this with the rapid time to value and the convenience of a SaaS solution and the assurance of a 99.9% or better availability! Deployment is a breeze; all you need is a low-footprint on-site virtual appliance that actively collects and transmits data to Zenoss over an encrypted line, and you are off to the races.

Some key benefits obtained via Zenoss as a Service include

  • Provides advanced service assurance capabilities without the complexity, cost and overhead of multiple tools
  • Helps prevent outages with pro-active alerts
  • Helps reduce MTTR when an outage does occur, through its real-time service model based approach
  • Includes a 99.9% SLA
  • Accomplishes data collection through a low footprint onsite virtual appliance and all data transmission occurs over a secure, encrypted line

If you are seeking to reduce the number of your outages and the MTTR when outages do occur, then Zenoss as a Service might be the right solution for you. It brings you unparalleled monitoring and management capabilities with the simplicity and the cost of a single tool and convenience of a hosted solution. Click here to learn more about Zenoss Service Dynamics.

Please join us for a webcast on April 26, 2013 as we discuss findings of the Forrester study and discuss high impact ways to boost efficiency within your datacenter. We will discuss how inefficiencies driven by legacy point products are impacting your bottom-line to the tune of $100,000/hr. We will also discuss how Zenoss Service Dynamics and Zenoss as a Service (ZaaS) can bring rapid and tangible value to your datacenter.


When: Friday, April 26th (1pm CST)



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