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A few media highlights, predictions and comments from Zenoss thought leaders and bloggers Kent Erickson, Marcus MacNeill and Megan Lueders:


Zenoss 2016 Predictions: Good Bets and Good-Byes 

We say the following are Good Bets:

  1. Consolidation in legacy infrastructure vendors (NetApp, HP (1 & 2), Oracle, Cisco, Dell/EMC, Brocade, Juniper, Lenovo, IBM, Microsoft, Red Hat). Three major transactions shrink this group in 2016.
  1. Cisco will become a storage company with hyperconverged software for their UCS storage servers. Not by acquiring NetApp.
  2. Gobbling up of standalone hyperconverged vendors. Three acquisitions in 2016... Read more on VMBlog here.


2016 DevOps Predictions - Part 1

DevOps Best Practices Emerge

Gartner's 2015 Hype Cycle for I&O Automation says DevOps is in the "Peak of Inflated Expectations." I think that's a fair assessment where, for many IT organizations, DevOps principles are being applied to one or perhaps a small handful of applications in an experimental phase. While mainstream adoption is a ways off for these companies, the pursuit of agility and fast time-to-market is real. For 2016, I predict IT organizations will look for best practices, ideally from other companies in their industry, to .... Read more on DevOps Digest here.


16 Ways Application Performance Impacts the Business - Part 4

Digital Business Transformation

Historically, IT operations focus on availability and performance was motivated by responding to — or preventing — outages involving the physical infrastructure that supports applications. Given the rapid adoption of virtual and cloud infrastructures, and the automation and redundancy benefits they afford, organizations are increasingly focused on application performance and end-user experience. I love the expression "slow is the new down" as it succinctly captures the growing emphasis organizations are placing on applications and users as companies transform to becoming digital businesses. Read more on APMdigest here.


The Challenge of Managing Converged Infrastructure

While the use of converged infrastructure (CI) is becoming mainstream, the accompanying management tools are still a challenge, according to the third annual global State of Converged Infrastructure survey from Zenoss.

CI systems integrate servers, storage, network and virtualization components into one system that can be managed as a single unit rather than separate systems. With 84% of all respondents using or planning to deploy CI, the technology has reached mainstream status. Companies large and small are building data centers around these integrated systems because they ... Read more on APMdigest here.


Cisco Set to Launch Data & Analytics Channel Program, Calling It a 'Rich' Opportunity for Partner

As part of its new Software Partner Program, Cisco revealed that there will be specific roles partners can play around data and analytics to drive new growth as the networking giant pushes the channel to create new offerings surrounding the Internet of Things opportunities becoming available in the market....Cisco also has a partnership with IT monitoring and analytics specialist Zenoss, where the Austin, Texas-based company is an OEM vendor for Cisco UCS. Read more on CRN here.

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