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Today, Zenoss announced the general availability of Zenoss Service Dynamics 6. This is a major release of the Zenoss platform that continues our efforts to make Zenoss the leading platform for software-defined IT operations. That means continuing to push the boundaries of scalability and meeting the manageability needs of our enterprise and service provider customers.

I’d like to highlight just a few of the important capabilities of this release.

Model Scalability: With Resource Manager (RM) 6, we have significantly increased the number of managed resources that can be monitored in a single instance. We accomplished this by implementing Solr indexing technology to replace the existing model catalogs and addressing other contention areas.

- Self-Monitoring: RM 6 also comes pre-installed with the new RM Monitor ZenPack, which will automatically model and monitor the local RM system. It can also be used to monitor other RM (6.0.0 or later) systems. RM Monitor provides a visual overview of the status of the major RM pipelines (model, metrics, events) and storage utilization and includes preset thresholds for conditions that might indicate bottlenecks in the pipelines. Of course, administrators can set additional thresholds, as well, to define what is “normal” for their systems. We have instrumented the various components and services that make up RM, so administrators can also dive into the performance metrics for those components to help diagnose problems with their Zenoss systems. For a good overview, see this video.

In addition, the new Capacity ZenPack, which has just been released, will give you tools to track and forecast key exhaustible resources, such as memory, CPU, network and storage assets. The Capacity ZenPack will provide a consolidated view into resource capacity utilization (current usage, projected usage based on historical data, projected date for when a resource will breach its capacity thresholds) and will provide out-of-the-box reporting of top utilization consuming devices. It will provide this information for multiple technology stacks — this release supports vSphere, EMC storage, NetApp storage, and Cisco UCS, with instrumentation for cloud ZenPacks and other technologies coming in future releases. The Capacity ZenPack is now available, and my colleague Alex Lamont recently published a good overview of it here.

There are a number of other smaller features in this release, so be sure to check out the Release Notes on our documentation page.

For additional insight into to Zenoss Service Dynamics 6, register for the upcoming March 7 webinar, “New Capabilities in Capacity Management & Scalability in Zenoss Service Dynamics 6.”



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