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So why the Cloud Management Blog? Why now?

From our side of the street, we are seeing companies starting to figure out how to make "Big Operations" work. We're seeing companies scale massive infrastructures filled with dynamic, virtual resources all aimed at delivering IT-as-a-Service.  And while we are seeing them make it work, we are also seeing that it isn't easy.

Want to know the secrets? Here are a few insights:

  • The Cloud is real, but there is no one size fits all solution.
  • The concept of the Cloud is simple but there is a lot of complexity behind the scenes that must be managed.
  • You can save money, improve availability, consolidate, and increase speed but most importantly, you can align IT with your business goals.

Bottom line, a seismic shift in the delivery of IT services has begun and now is the time to act.

So, whether you are building a Cloud today, rolling out a highly virtualized infrastructure, or just starting to learn more about making Big Operations work, the Cloud Management Blog is for you.

We welcome you to join the conversation!



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