WANTED: Availability and Performance Monitoring in the Cloud

Cloud computing is shaking up the datacenter as organizations look to gain the operational and cost efficiencies that the cloud promises. But in all the hype about “how to build” a cloud, one area that gets less attention is “how do you manage” a cloud. Is it even possible?

“If our management techniques are stuck in medieval times, how do we expect to ever truly reap the rewards of “dynamic IT?” It’s $!*%&^. We never will. We can put all the VMware in the world all over our environment and without the ability to AUTONOMOUSLY manage it, it will always suck. Why? Because it will always come down to the lowest common denominator–the ultimate point of failure–a person’s ability to make the right decision at the exact right time and execute it perfectly.”
— Steve Duplessie, Enterprise Strategy Group

As your IT infrastructure becomes increasingly complex, you are (like Steve) probably finding that the tools you previously used just aren’t cutting it anymore.  Based on our experience working with some of the most innovative companies in the world who are effectively and efficiently managing Cloud Computing and highly virtualized infrastructures, we developed an eBook focusing on the list of questions you should be asking as you select a cloud management solution. You can download Can You Really Manage the Cloud? and here is a taste of what you will see:

1.How do you provide performance and availability across the entire IT infrastructure that is behind the Cloud?
No matter that Agility-as-a-Service is getting all the attention, the basics are the basics – but now more than ever, it’s all connected. Applications, servers, storage, and network resources are so dependent on each other that the smallest of changes can ripple through the environment causing severe consequences both downstream and upstream.

“One of the key things about virtual environments is that you no longer have individual pieces of a data center but an integrated environment that is now behaving holistically. The cloud is just an extension of that.”
– Daniel Heimlich, IT Business Edge

And for good measure……

  1. What do you really monitor, and how do you look beyond the numbers?
    • Networking devices – routers, switches, firewalls?
    • Physical servers?
    • Environmental controls?
    • How about operating systems and applications?
    • Storage devices?
  2. What about legacy event management systems that you aren’t quite ready to get rid of yet?
  3. How easy is it to create custom integrations for old or new devices?
  4. Do I have to deploy any agents?

The point of this eBook is to offer you a guide as you search for a way to manage the Cloud. Download the eBook for all 5 burning questions you should be asking when selecting a solution to monitor your cloud.



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