Using Unified IT Analytics to Take on Complexity

Data Center MInfrastructure complexity has exploded. Responding to evolving business needs, IT has continued to add more and more layers to our datacenters in the form of virtualization, converged infrastructure, and public, private or hybrid clouds.  To manage this complexity, IT has also added countless elemental monitoring tools.   While this gives you in-depth component level views, getting service context is virtually impossible. When Systems Administrators look at their dashboards and see an alert, they have no way of determining which, if any, service is really impacted. After all, this might be a component that is mirrored. So while it does need to get addressed, its priority compared to other issues might be low.

Imagine if you could make IT operations decisions based on a trustworthy view of service performance and availability across all of your domains and platforms– no matter how complex or dynamic their relationships are.   That’s where Unified IT Analytics comes in.  In our next webinar, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at how you can use Unified IT Analytics to get the information you need to drive operational efficiency amidst this growing complexity.

Webcast:  Deep Dive:  Unified IT Analytics
Date:  Friday, September 26
Time:  1:00pm CST; 2:00pm EST; 11am PST
Presenters:  Deepak Kanwar and Scott Hollis, Zenoss Product Marketing; Matt Maloney, Zenoss Product Management

Unified IT Analytics can drive efficiency by enabling a mix of tactical and strategic capabilities.  You want to know the current state of your environment; service owners want to know how their services are performing in terms of SLA compliance. In case of a disruption/degradation, analytics should help you with quick identification of the root cause to put you on your path to restoration, minimizing your Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR).   At the same time, the analytics should also give your infrastructure team the trending information they need to help make their capacity planning and infrastructure optimization processes accurate and effective.

Join us on September 26, to find out how Zenoss Service Dynamics (ZSD) Analytics can help you actively address your own complexity issues.  In addition to seeing a live demo of the latest features, we’ll be discussing ways to:

  • Reduce MTTR by isolating the root cause of performance and availability issues

  • Improve SLA compliance by prioritizing remediation based on service impact

  • Enable customers to get instant, comprehensive access to their data

  • Predict and eliminate capacity bottlenecks before they choke-out critical applications

  • Get a real unified view of business-critical services out-of-the-box

All attendees will walk away with concrete action plans for easily introducing Unified IT Analytics capabilities into your IT environment.  Hope to see you there!

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