Ubuntu Goes All in with OpenStack

Many are under the impression that Canonical and Ubuntu are not a cloud players, however, if you talk people that are "doing cloud" already, you might change your view. While their Eucalyptus based Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud hasn't gotten a whole lot of traction, Ubuntu itself is essentially the operating system of choice in the cloud.

This becomes painfully apparent if you've ever tried to spin up some images of CentOS or RedHat inside of Amazon. It is almost impossible to find base images (AMIs) for CentOS or RedHat but Ubuntu on the other hand provides them readily. Now, once you find your CentOS image, it might still never come to life due to the way Amazon caches more commonly used images. So while you can create a Ubuntu system within 30 seconds, it can take hours to create a CentOS system.

So Ubuntu is one of the dominant OS inside the cloud, next they want to become the platform of the cloud. In order to do so they've announced the inclusion of OpenStack into their official repositories back in February. Looking around the OpenStack Conference the strategy seemed to have worked, almost everyone was using Ubuntu as their OpenStack platform of choice.

The last thing that needed to be done was to cut ties with their current platform provider behind Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud, Eucalyptus. While support for existing clients will continue, the path going forward is apparent.

The OpenStack community has gained another strong member, contributing and growing the OpenStack footprint amongst private clouds.



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