The Problems of the Modern IT Environment Resolved With Docker

The one word we can all agree on for today’s IT environment: complex. With virtualization, cloud, software-defined data centers, the need for real-time everything, and scalability — there is so much stuff to keep track of!

Control Center Host Performance Monitoring
Control Center is based on a service-oriented architecture that enables applications to run as a set of distributed services that can span hosts, data centers, and geographic regions. A simple declarative application template file is used to describe how an application is configured, deployed, managed, and monitored.

At the end of the day, customers just want managing simple Web applications to a multi-tiered stateful application stack to be easy. Here’s a laundry list:

- Simple and fast to install
- Simple to distribute components to multiple machines
- Centralize operations
- Easy to upgrade
- Snapshots and backups
- High availability
- Repeatable and predictable

This is where Docker comes in and standardizes the different environments. Last August, Zenoss launched Control Center, an open source project. Control Center is an application service orchestrator that provides an out-of-band management system to the next-generation Zenoss platform and other Docker applications. This open source platform for building, shipping, and running distributed applications enables DevOps application deployment agility.

I participated in a Docker webinar this past week talking to how Control Center adds a service management layer on top of Docker, allowing it to orchestrate non-Zenoss applications in the same manner it orchestrates the Zenoss platform. Anything from a simple Web application to a complex multi-tiered distributed application stack can be managed through Control Center. (Check back for the webinar recording coming soon!)

Stay tuned for the next update coming in early November. We are committed to keeping up with Docker and making application management easier for our customers.



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