The Next Step: Zenoss Service Dynamics

This morning we announced a major new product release that we believe represents a key milestone for our customers, our company and the IT management market.   In addition to new capabilities, we announced new branding and packaging.  Here's what it's all about.

Last July we released a new version of Zenoss Enterprise and along with our vision for "Dynamic Service Assurance".  Stated simply, our aim has been to deliver the first end-to-end IT service assurance product that is geared specifically for cloud-era IT operations.

Over the last year, that is exactly what we have done with the addition of support for major cloud platforms & infrastructure, the release of our analytics product, and now today's news.

For many reasons, we are excited about this release. We believe that it both addresses the specific challenges we have heard directly from many of our end users, and will open up new opportunities with the many who are struggling to deliver scale services on hybrid IT infrastructure spanning physical, virtual and cloud.

Linking back to our start, Zenoss was founded to solve the pains that we experienced first-hand as early pioneers in delivering IT-as-a-Service.  With the drive towards the cloud, we see a rapidly-growing population of operators struggling, as we did, with the problems of service modeling, SLA management, impact analysis, root cause analysis, closed loop automation, scale, capacity management and cost optimization.  These problems have only become more challenging with dynamic, virtualized infrastructure and varying levels of control across internal and external providers.  As you become more shared, more virtualized, more automated, more heterogeneous, and more distributed the old tools and methods for operations just break down.

If these issues ring true, Zenoss Service Dynamics was designed for you.  The feedback from beta customers and partners has been fantastic.  We hope you'll take a look, find that it hits mark, and agree with us that this is the next step in IT service assurance.

New Capabilities
Today's release adds two key new features along with significant updates to our event management platform and expanded scalability.  There are many other minor enhancements and bug fixes (over 1000 tickets are addressed) that will be outlined in the upcoming release notes.  Here is an overview of the significant enhancements:

Dynamic Service Impact Management

  • Automated, policy-based service impact analysis
  • Built for hybrid IT environment consisting of physical, virtual and cloud-based infrastructure
  • Leverages "real-time service model" that is automatically kept up to date as dependencies change
  • Simple policy expressions that remain valid as dependencies change
  • Service-based eventing aligns operations with service expectation

Automated Root Cause Analysis

  • Automatic identification and prioritization of root cause condition
  • Built for hybrid IT environment consisting of physical, virtual and cloud-based infrastructure
  • Leverages "real-time service model" and patent-pending root cause algorithm
  • Filters out the noise, alleviates "alarm fatigue," speeds resolution

Enhanced Event Management Platform

  • Significant architectural enhancements to the event management system
  • Leverages message bus technology to improve resiliency, scalability and ease of integration
  • Open pipeline architecture provides multiple points of integration and enrichment

Enhanced Scalability & Performance

  • Significant improvements to performance of the user interface, configuration database & distributed messaging
  • Large deployments should experience substantial performance improvements

New Packaging
With this release, our commercial offerings will be offered under the new brand "Zenoss Service Dynamics".  Here's how it looks in outline form and how the old names map to the new.

Zenoss Service Dynamics

  • Analysis & Optimization (formerly Zenoss Datacenter Insight)
  • Service Impact & Event Management
  • Resource Management (formerly Zenoss Enterprise)

The motivation for the name change is that we simply did not feel that "Enterprise" sufficiently captured the full value of the offering.  We integrated the packaging because we believe that it is important that we continue to deliver a one product experience. Now more than ever, your service assurance platform needs to provide an integrated perspective and offering seamless deployment.

If you have questions, input or interest, don't hesitate to contact me directly or reach out to Zenoss sales or your current account team.



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