Tame the Alert Storm

Tame the Alert Storm

In the past, troubleshooting an IT service issue could be quite simple. For example, an application disruption could often be isolated to a physical server or small group of servers that neatly fit into the domain of a single team that managed the company’s servers. However, with the dynamic landscape in modern IT environments, this is very rarely the case.

Over time, you accumulate IT systems, which usually means you deploy tools to manage them. And while the old things never seem to go away, you add new things like converged infrastructure, containers, software-defined storage, software-defined networking, public and private cloud, multi-cloud environments, and so on.

It happens organically and it makes sense how you got here. But you end up with many tools, and each of these tools is basically a data silo – and each is source of alerts about potentially the same issue.

Understanding where your application is running and understanding what infrastructure dependencies it may have at any given time is too much for any person to keep track of. And root cause analysis of any issue often overlaps the responsibilities and information silos of several teams. The bottom line – all too often the process is chaotic, reactive, and manual.

At Zenoss, we peer into this chaos and pull out a real-time model of every physical connection and logical dependency. We automatically map every service in its entirety and help you identify a system experiencing issues with the business service it is degrading. We then help you to automatically remediate the impact through runbook automation partners like HCL DRYiCE. That’s how you eliminate IT outages in modern IT environments with minimal human intervention. This reduces alert fatigue, eliminates human error, and helps prevent IT staff burnout.

Let's look at our array of solutions to intelligently assist IT personnel throughout the lifecycle of problem resolution. Under the hood, our intelligent microservices are processing gigabytes of data per minute, but we bring the signal out of the noise and surface what really matters on a single pane of glass.

Our dashboards provide an overview of your environment, alerting you that something is at risk and there are several outliers outside a normal range. We have implemented several capabilities to help surface what matters most. Among them, we have leveraged Google Cloud’s expertise to implement an advanced anomaly detection algorithm using neural networks. Event de-duplication and a real-time dependency view are other capabilities to help you tame the alert storm.

Our SmartView allows you to drill down and investigate anomalies as well as related systems that may be contributing to the issue. You can see all dependent systems, including their health and performance, in a single window.

And finally, we have an action framework that allows us to pass-through high-quality context information. We can notify humans or downstream systems to act via Slack, email, webhook notifications, and more.

Zenoss also integrates with provisioning systems, CMDBs, APM tools, log tools, and more to ensure your data isn’t siloed.  Zenoss works with anything you already have in your data center or cloud environments to enrich events, manage incidents, and automate responses. This is an example of the breadth and depth of our integrations using Zenpacks and APIs.

To summarize, Zenoss brings ultimate cardinality, cloud scale and next gen AIOps to deal with the complexity of modern IT environments. With our vast array of Zenpacks and integrations with partners like HCL we provide a comprehensive solution to root cause and remediate issues at the speed of business.

Check out the latest on-demand webinar, Tame the Alert Storms, with our partner DRYiCE by HCL Technologies to dive more into this topic.

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