Take the Survey: State of Cloud and Infrastructure Monitoring

Take the Survey: State of Cloud and Infrastructure MonitoringZenoss is kicking off a new survey on the state of cloud and infrastructure monitoring.

It’s not news that the complexity of IT systems has been increasing exponentially for the past several years. With digital transformation becoming necessary (and happening) across all industries, organizations have been forced to modernize in an attempt to better deliver the digital services they provide to customers. This has created challenges across technology, personnel, processes and more.

Although accelerating rates of change have been the norm in IT environments for years, 2020 was a whole new ballgame. Many businesses had to rethink their approaches on leveraging technology to support business models that changed dramatically overnight. This includes digitizing traditional business, supporting massive remote workforces, reconfiguring infrastructures, redistributing workloads, and deploying new technologies. Of course at the same time, most IT organizations are asked to do all of this with the same or fewer resources, all the while avoiding the introduction of new risks.

Unified visibility and context are key ingredients for success, but they can be elusive. Large and medium enterprises seem to be trending toward approaches that provide more unified capabilities and leverage vast amounts of data to ensure IT service health and provide higher levels of automation.

Zenoss is inviting practitioners and leaders in IT Ops and DevOps to participate in this brief 20-question survey to gain valuable insights into how organizations like yours are leveraging (and plan to leverage) cloud and IT infrastructure monitoring solutions in their unique environments. The survey covers these key areas:

  • Business Demands - current trends and how these impact IT priorities
  • IT Environments - how they’ve adapted and prepare to adapt beyond 2020
  • Monitoring & AIOps Tools - the evolution/revolution of technologies
  • Data Management - leveraging big data to derive insights
  • ITOM Integrations - which ITOM tools are integrated and for what purposes

In return, we will share with you the analysis of our findings to aid in your own assessment and planning. Also, as a thank you for completing the survey, Zenoss will donate $10 per response to the World Central Kitchen. Thank you in advance for your time and contribution.




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