Reign in your Datacenter IT Ops Challenges

shutterstock_102857582A recent study by Forrester Consulting showed that a third of the 157 respondents were experiencing daily issues related to performance/availability. This, despite the fact, that in a separate study from 2012 CEOs ranked IT as the #1 factor that could affect their organization in the next 3-5 years, ahead of many others including people and market factors. Clearly, even with the best intents and focus, IT Ops challenges are proving to be daunting.

Hardly surprising, when you look at what today’s datacenters look like – Extremely Complex! You have your servers, storage, networking, private clouds, converged infrastructure stacks, public clouds, hybrid clouds etc. each competing for your rack space as also your mindshare. Throw in geographically dispersed datacenters and the complexity grows by leaps and bounds. While adoption of new technologies, whether server consolidation or data center virtualization or more recently clouds, has enabled IT to drive operational efficiencies and enable new capabilities for the users, their assimilation has brought more complexity and more management challenges. The explosion of exciting new mobile devices, that your end-users must use bring with them yet another set of engagement rules. And with an “always-connected” workforce, anytime, anywhere access through any device, 24x7 availability is now a table minimum. And, somehow, you have to support it all.

You have tried to respond to these changing needs this by throwing more resources, more monitoring tools, more IT personnel, more, more, more, but we have only managed to push up our costs (TCO) and complexity. Help Desks don’t respond to alerts and wait for a call from an affected user because they don’t trust the tools. Problem management teams routinely bring in multiple SMEs since their tools provide precious little intelligence. All this while the disruption lingers, the affected users wait impatiently, their productivity compromised, and the CEOs shake their head in disbelief. Bottom line, the runaway train continues to barrel down the track unabated and unrestrained.

Join us on October 10, as we discuss 4 ways you can begin addressing the complexity today and start back on your path to efficiency and effectiveness.  You will learn how to

  • Reduce MTTK

  • Enable end-to-end, unified monitoring

  • Understand the real TCO of your environment

  • Drive more intelligent Capacity Planning and Infrastructure Optimization

Webcast:   4 Steps to Take Back Control of Your Datacenter IT Ops
Date:  Friday, October 10
Time:  1:00pm CST; 2:00pm EST; 11am PST
Presenters:  Deepak Kanwar, Marketing Strategist, Zenoss and Mick Nolen, Sales Engineer

All attendees will walk away with concrete action plans they can put in place right away. Look forward to seeing you there!

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