Passing The Torch: Welcome Greg Stock

Bill Karpovich, Co-Founder & Board Member

Zenoss Community,

It's been way too long since my last blog and this is likely my final post. As you may have seen in the news on Wednesday, we have brought on a new CEO.  Please join me in welcoming Greg Stock as our new Chief Executive.

While passing the helm is difficult in many ways, I am excited about what Greg brings to the team and  the impact I believe it will have for all of us in the Zenoss ecosystem.  Over the last four months, we spoke to many candidates in our search for a new leader to take us through the next phases of our growth. We felt Greg was the best fit for many reasons and we’re glad that he is now on board.

Here’s what attracted us to Greg. Greg has a lot of experience growing enterprise software companies to scale, including being a key part of two that made it to IPO. Greg has been a three-time CEO and is a positive and enthusiastic leader who is deeply committed to customer, partner and employee success.  Greg shares our vision for building a great company and our values on how to make this happen.  He’ll bring fresh energy and, conveniently, Greg and his family live just three miles from our new headquarters in Austin, Texas.

Greg enters at an important time in the company's growth.  With record revenue in Q1 and record growth of our new sales pipeline in Q2, I am happy to report that he will be building on a strong foundation and positive momentum.  With the progress to date, the team that is in place, IT’s push towards modern/unified monitoring and analytics, our recent partnering accomplishments, and the upcoming introduction of Zenoss 5 – the future is bright.

On a personal note, I'll be supporting Greg and team through the summer to ensure a smooth hand-off and will continue to be involved as a board member for the years to come. In the fall, I’ll return to living full-time with my family in Annapolis, Maryland and begin working on what’s next.

Let me use this opportunity to thank the entire Zenoss ecosystem – community users, contributors, customers, partners, employees, advisors, and investors.   This has been an absolutely incredible experience and I am extremely grateful for your making it possible.   Thank you, Erik Dahl, for being the true founder of Zenoss and the product visionary. Your principles of unification, openness and model-driven intelligence remain today the key tenets that set us apart from the rest.

While Erik and I always had big ambitions, we never anticipated we would accomplish so much when we launched Zenoss Core on SourceForge in March 2006.   We were ranked then #156,432 among open source projects.  Within a year, we had climbed all the way up to #1.  That was fun. Over the next 8 years, we would build a market-leading growth company with amazing customers, partners, employees, community members and investors.  That was fun too … and a lot of hard work.  In the 8 years to come, we'll take this all to the next level and achieve our mission to transform IT operations.  That will be even more fun. Best of luck to Greg and team in making happen. Just let me know how I can help.

Gratefully, Bill

Bill Karpovich
Co-Founder & Board Member



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