On Premises to Cloud: Easing the Transition

A recent Gartner report states: “Organizations with a cross-discipline cloud strategy are more likely to find success in cloud initiatives and recognize the full benefits of cloud.” 

Advances in machine learning and AI have opened up avenues for forward-thinking enterprises to drive extensive automation using the latest cloud technologies. Moreover, today’s leading large organizations are adopting modern solutions to future-proof themselves from the rise of newer technologies. Maintaining visibility over physical, virtual and hybrid technologies can be challenging in this environment. Real-time visibility in infrastructure monitoring across clouds provides opportunities for CIOs to have integrated control over how their businesses deliver top-notch services.

According to Forrester, two-thirds of large enterprises are evolving their IT Ops to support business agility by looking to improve and increase their use of machine learning and analytics that cloud technologies offer. With the goal of adapting quickly to market changes and customer demands, the need for real-time everything has driven IT leaders to modernize their existing monitoring tool set. Intelligent application and service monitoring platforms like Zenoss Cloud enable businesses to optimize cloud and on-premises systems as they undergo digital transformation. 

With more emphasis on DevOps applications, machine data and AIOps, Zenoss Cloud satisfies  a strong need for deep, unparalleled health and performance insights to optimize any IT environment. We partnered with Google Cloud to leverage the most powerful big data database, machine learning and real-time analytics of streaming data to give companies the ability to scale and adapt to the changing needs of their businesses. Our SRE team manages the monitoring platform, freeing up your resources to improve IT Ops productivity and accelerate digital transformation.

Zenoss is an incredibly innovative company that truly understands the challenges of managing today’s massive IT environments,” said Steven Palmese, senior vice president of managed services operations at Presidio. “Zenoss Cloud is a huge advancement in empowering companies like ours as we undertake digital transformation initiatives that are critical for the future of our company.

Through a joint effort with Google, we have streamlined the experience of moving from our on-premises or hosted monitoring platform to Zenoss Cloud. Automated migration of an existing configuration helps customers recreate key configuration details. This expedites and facilities the overall migration from one Zenoss environment to another by:

  • Migrating configuration of users, user groups, device classes, devices, event triggers, notifications, monitoring templates, event classes, transforms, mappings, configuration changes, etc.
  • Reducing the time for the migration
  • Auditing changes between the systems
  • Migrating incremental changes between systems

See how Zenoss Cloud deploys immediately, eliminates noise and ensures service reliability in the most complex, modern IT environments. Click here of your customized Zenoss Cloud demo today!



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