New Support for Lenovo-Powered Datacenters


Today, Zenoss and Lenovo announced plans to work together to extend Zenoss Service Dynamics Resource Manager with the Lenovo Upward Integration Module for Zenoss (UIM for Zenoss).

The Lenovo UIM for Zenoss is a new software bundle that includes two commercial ZenPacks, one for Integrated Management Module (IMM) v2 servers and one for Chassis Management Module (CMM) chassis. These ZenPacks provide the monitoring intelligence required to extend the Zenoss monitoring platform to Lenovo System x rack servers and the Flex System x86 servers that Lenovo recently acquired from IBM as a part of Lenovo’s acquisition of IBM’s x86 server business on October 1st, 2014.

Upward Integration Module for Zenoss Capabilities

The IMM and CMM ZenPacks for Lenovo systems included in the Lenovo UIM for Zenoss give IT Operations teams the ability to monitor and manage Lenovo System x rack-mount servers and Flex System chassis and compute nodes using the Zenoss platform.

This combination provides advanced performance management and availability monitoring, event management, notification, and escalations in a single, intuitive, web-based interface. The combined solution helps IT Operations teams move beyond component-level monitoring to unified, real-time service assurance in demanding datacenter environments powered by Lenovo.

Lenovo hardware, combined with the Lenovo UIM for Zenoss and the unified monitoring and event management provided by Zenoss Resource Manager, means you can have a single, unified monitoring solution with the following capabilities:

  • Auto-discovery of System x and Flex System servers and chassis to dynamically bring compute resources under inventory and management from the Zenoss monitoring platform.
  • Visibility into System x and Flex System hardware and firmware inventory data from the Zenoss monitoring platform.
  • Visibility into power consumption, fan speeds and temperatures, and CPU utilization for System x and Flex Systems.
  • Unified service impact analysis and event management across the workload and virtual and physical infrastructure topology, including key performance and health monitoring of physical servers and chassis
  • Faster incident resolution through holistic and precise root cause analysis, with automated error and exception handling such as restarting system components

Next Steps

In order to monitor Lenovo System x rack servers and Flex System servers, you must first install Zenoss Service Dynamics Resource Manager 4.2.5 or later, as well as the IMM and CMM ZenPacks.

The Lenovo UIM for Zenoss is available exclusively through the Lenovo sales channel. Zenoss Resource Manager can be purchased through either the Zenoss or the Lenovo sales channel.

Learn more about Lenovo System Monitoring.

Additional Resources

If you're new to Zenoss, check out the following links, which provide more information about Zenoss and the Zenoss Service Dynamics platform:



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