Nearly 75% of VMworld Attendees Plan to Use the Cloud but More Than Half are Missing a Cloud Management Strategy

With VMworld 2011 now in the rear-view, we all can get back to life as we knew it before the conference. However, in the post-conference light, VMworld attendees have some serious food for thought to mull over moving forward.

At VMworld 2011, we conducted a survey to get a feel for where enterprises and service providers were on their journey to the Cloud. Both are flocking towards Cloud and Cloud strategies which can offer tremendous benefits to their businesses.

Survey findings revealed that despite 72% of respondents being worried about guaranteeing business service delivery using Cloud infrastructures, nearly 75% of respondents are still currently building or operating private Cloud infrastructures. And to top that number off, 58% of respondents not currently building or operating private Cloud infrastructures, are planning Cloud projects in the next 12 months.

Despite this rush to the Cloud, only 44% of the respondents have IT operations management software in place that can monitor physical, virtual, and Cloud infrastructures.  Our own Bill Karpovich reflected on the results, “Organizations of all sizes and from all industries are moving to the cloud without a clear strategy for managing the performance of their cloud computing resources. Whether businesses are using public, private, or hybrid cloud infrastructures, having a comprehensive IT operations and service assurance solution is critical to ensuring optimal service delivery.”

Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey at VMworld and a special thanks to everyone who shared the results! (BSMDigest, marketwire, infoTECH, OpenSource Magazine, vmblog, Texas News, Bulldog Reporter, and MarketWatch.)

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