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Often times, large organizations are plagued with outdated IT monitoring solutions that are inflexible, unreliable and no longer effective for isolating issues in today’s IT environments — preventing them from monitoring modern business applications of the future.  

Many of our customers who were looking to escape that same burden (check out this success story) have crossed over from the legacy monitoring dark side to a modern solution from Zenoss and never looked back! 

Check out the 5 Reasons to Leave Legacy Monitoring Behind:

  1. Simplicity - Charging based on the number of CPU Cores, metrics and users make no sense, but Zenoss’ simpler economical licensing does. Legacy monitoring vendors are known for these complex licensing models, but with Zenoss, you can save valuable financial resources! Instead, Zenoss allows you to easily scale based on the number of monitored resources, giving you more leverage on your already tight budget.
  2. Single Tool and Less Training - Get rid of the complicated, multiple disparate and decommissioned legacy suites and get with a powerful unifying monitoring strategy! Zenoss is a single tool that can replace expensive legacy suites and allow you to decrease your training budget significantly.
  3. Greater Efficiency - Get back the large amounts of computing power, memory and server hardware, by modernizing your monitoring strategy! Follow the trail of thousands of large companies as they reduced dedicated server counts by up to 80 percent and salvaged substantial footprint by eliminating agents.
  4. Lower Cost for Recurring Maintenance & Services - When you choose Zenoss, know that you are choosing reasonable. Let go of, hefty recurring fees that come with legacy monitoring solutions. Some companies employ full-time staff to administer, while Zenoss acts with a unified agentless platform making maintenance easy as pie!
  5. Adapting to Change is Affordable - Conforming to change does not have be expensive and painful. Zenoss fully comprehends the unique needs of fluid IT environments and have supported successful IT organizations in implementing extensible platforms that backed technologies such as virtualization, converged infrastructure and cloud.  

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