More Than Keeping the Lights On — Unified Service Insight and the Evolution of IT Monitoring

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For years, IT operations teams have been saddled with IT monitoring approaches that simply aren’t cutting it. These approaches are all aimed at what we like to call “keeping the lights on” – making sure that each piece of your IT infrastructure is checking the requisite “available and performing” boxes. That’s not a particularly ambitious goal, and yet administrators regularly struggle to get these solutions to provide the service reliability they need. You have:

  • “Big Four” vendors (BMC, CA, HP, and IBM) that charge you an arm and a leg for clunky frameworks that include dozens of different acquired technologies. The cobbling together of all these different technologies makes it nearly impossible for you to centralize monitoring operations and extend monitoring to new technologies such as virtualization and the cloud.
  • Narrow, siloed point-products that proliferate to the point where you run out of staff to manage and maintain them. You can’t make sense of the fragmented monitoring data they provide and, with no single source of truth, “blamestorming” and war room calls waste everyone’s valuable time.
  • Platform “stack” vendors like VMware, Microsoft, or Oracle that build platform-specific management as an afterthought. They add a slightly more complex point product tool to those you already don’t have time to manage, and they don’t provide the depth you need for non-stack technologies.
  • Device-centric vendors like ScienceLogic or CA Nimsoft that have the ability to centralize monitoring in a single product, but only give insight into resources. Because they don’t have a live-sync service model, they can’t provide the additional insight you need — the actual risk or impact to applications or services running on top of those infrastructure devices.

Only Zenoss offers an entirely different and modern approach – Unified Service Insight.

Understanding Unified Service Insight

Unified Service Insight is the next step in the evolution of IT monitoring. It doesn’t just help keep the lights on – Unified Service Insight helps improve the efficiency, reliability, and economics of IT monitoring to keep your business on track. To do this, you need to be able to abstract service availability and performance from individual infrastructure components supporting those services.
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Zenoss can deliver on the vision of Unified Service Insight, helping organizations see everything, know more, and act faster -- before issues impact service quality. The enterprise-scale features of our solution include:

  • Unified monitoring and event management
  • Service impact and analytics
  • Alerting, remediation, and integration

Combined, these capabilities provide a broad view of your IT infrastructure’s availability and performance within the context of the applications and services that you are responsible for delivering. Failures or degraded performance are only important if you know exactly how it impacts your business – has service delivery been interrupted or slowed? Is this an urgent problem? Or, due to redundancy, will the service continue to click along just fine?

The Elements of Unified Service Insight

Zenoss is capable of delivering on Unified Service Insight because our platform is flexible enough to meet the needs of modern infrastructures. These four critical elements built into our approach allow you to See, Know, Act, and Scale as necessary to support dynamic business services – today and in the future:

  1. Unified platform that provides a single, real-time view of your infrastructure and how it is operating
  2. Service-centric insight into applications and infrastructure that pinpoints the root cause of service issues quickly and precisely
  3. Open, extensible technology that meets the needs of today’s diverse IT infrastructures
  4. Elastic scalability to handle the fluid demands of business

We’re looking forward to having a much deeper discussion about unified service insight in the months to come — helping you look at old problems in new ways, and driving the IT operational change you need to make service delivery more efficient and reliable.

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