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Every 4th of July, we all take some time off work to relax with our friends and families, grill up some burgers in the backyard (or at the beach or by the pool, depending on where we live) kick back and watch our favorite sports team play, and “ooh and ahh” as fireworks light up the sky.

Independence Day, commonly known as the Fourth of July here the U.S., is a time when, if you are a member of an IT Operations team, you get to (hopefully!) enjoy a relaxing day away from all of those pesky IT infrastructure issues, service disruptions, outages, “blamestorming,” and war room calls that are a normal part of your working life. Instead of diagnosing and fixing service issues, you get a well-deserved day off and some time to spend celebrating America’s birthday – the day our country’s founders declared their independence from Great Britain — the “establishment” — and carved out a new nation built on a bold new set of ideals.

Here at Zenoss, as we celebrate the Fourth of July with our friends and family, we also want to take a moment to celebrate our customers, and thank them to for their willingness to declare either their monitoring independence from expensive, brittle legacy IT infrastructure frameworks or their willingness to break free from monitoring silos and the burden of “too many tools”.

Monitoring Independence

Over the past few years, Zenoss has helped more than 230 customers make the transition away from framework- and multiple point product-based monitoring.

Both of these approaches assess heavy taxes on IT Operations efficiency and effectiveness. On the one hand, Big 4 legacy frameworks take too long to implement, require expensive professional services to integrate, and aren’t flexible enough to extend to the latest cloud, virtualization, and converged infrastructure technologies. Multiple point products, on the other hand, create fragmented views that block incident resolution and overwhelm administrators with additional maintenance and management burdens.

Zenoss provides an important alternative to these solutions. Along with our customers, we’re working to reset the ideals of what IT operations teams should come to expect from infrastructure monitoring. Zenoss focuses on lowering the cost and time burdens that IT Operations teams face every day by providing:

  • Unified, real-time visibility into end-to-end IT infrastructure – including dynamic virtualization and cloud technologies
  • A service-centric view of infrastructure that allows you to quickly address infrastructure issues and failures before they impact service delivery
  • Quick monitoring extension to new technologies, speeding new service delivery
  • Easy integration with IT service management and orchestration tools already in your environment

By working together, Zenoss and our customers have made incredible progress so far, and we plan to continue advancing these ideals to help our customers more efficiently and effectively support the delivery of business services.

Continuing the Celebration

For all of our customers already embracing our new monitoring ideals today – we hope that you are celebrating the progress you’ve made, and we look forward to continuing to help meet your service and infrastructure monitoring goals in the future.

For those of you who are still seeking your path to independence, we’ve put together the list of resources below to help you along the way:

Happy 4th of July!

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