London-Based Zenoss Calling!

London-based Zenoss calling with great news! Yesterday, Zenoss kicked off its Intelligent Data Center roadshow at the CRN Channel Conference. An impressive event that brought together a mix of MSPs and hot topics including:

Zenoss in London
Zenoss is now on the road at the CRN Channel Conference
  • Top challenges aspiring MSPs could face and what mistakes they should avoid
  • What to expect next after having made the move to MSP
  • How to stand out in an already crowded marketplace to enjoy high margins
  • What skills your sales force should have in order to increase your MSP ROI
  • What criteria you should employ when choosing a vendor partner and why vendor reliability is as important as ever

All across the town, all across the night, the show was buzzing on how VARs have been under increased pressure to find new revenue streams as their customers are re-orienting their IT purchases away from traditional buying patterns towards cloud environments. Managed services presents an attractive opportunity for traditional IT resellers to build meaningful partnerships with customers who are rapidly moving to the Intelligent Data Center.

We know that VARs are tired of breaking rocks in the hot sun, and want to rock the Casbah with unique and profitable offerings and services for customers, without competing solely on price. Customers are looking for partners who can apply expertise backed by real data to help them survive this IT transformation.

For VARs, those that can help customers meet the growing demand for application first, operationally agile data centers that rely on both converged infrastructures and public cloud resources - the Intelligent Data Center.

Don’t miss out on career opportunities, the ones that never knock. Unless you wanna make tea at the BBC. Apply for our partner program today.



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