Live From GalaxZ 16: Zenoss Execs on Products & Innovation

At Zenoss, we are very focused on not only the innovation we are trying to achieve with our products and the company but the innovation driving the changing landscape for IT professionals.  It’s important that we are honing in on what the CIO is thinking about today, what that means to us as IT leaders, and what it means for Zenoss to be a platform of innovation to meet those evolving needs.  Brian Wilson, SVP of Customer Success, at the start of the GalaxZ 16 session on Product and Innovation shared a quote from a customer that laid it all out, “IT complexity is exploding.  Applications, platforms, and infrastructure are becoming increasingly, complex, fragmented, and expensive.”   This complexity is evident daily in the adoption of the cloud, the proliferation of containerization, the burgeoning concept of the Internet of Things, and the consumerization “or app” expectations effecting user experience of enterprise applications.

Trends that are driving this innovation are the death of the datacenter as we know it today, the impact the hybrid cloud is having on infrastructure in making it cheaper, better, and faster, and the shift in expectations that “slow is the new down” and not meeting performance expectations of users can leave lasting damage on your reputation.  The reality is that even though IT spend is increasing, business demand is outpacing IT capacity which equates to a gap of missed opportunities.  Which has made, as Mark Hurd the CEO of Oracle put it, “The toughest job in corporate America is the CIO’s.”  This cascades down to IT leaders needing to embrace change or get left behind, for architects having a treasure trove of concepts, technologies, and infrastructures to design with, and for operators having higher expectations, new tools to learn, and old tools that break.

A platform for innovation has to do three things; it needs to see everything, to convert it into knowledge, and to then take action.  It needs to be highly scalable, available, and focus on process management as a next wave of innovation.  Furthermore, extensibility is key which is best achieved as being part of an open platform that leverages strong partnerships to stay current.  Finally, systems have to be maintainable and current to keep up with evolving technologies and trends.  The ecosystem of tools is fragmented with Business Intelligence and Analytics, Log Monitoring, Application Performance Monitoring, Unified Communication Monitoring, Configuration Management Database, Network Performance Management, Orchestration, and Incident Management. Our goal at Zenoss is to be the platform for innovation that is the bedrock that these disparate tools rely on and seamlessly interconnect with.  We firmly believe that owning IT is a business advantage, that Zenoss accelerates IT innovation, and that we are better together.

To deliver on this goal we’ve been adding platform features and enhancements such as capacity planning and 30 new and major updated critical ZenPacks, we’re modernizing our deployment architectures with an Amazon Web Services first deployment recommendation, and building out partnerships with technology partners, OEM relationships, delivery partners, and making our solution available in more marketplaces and value-added resellers.  We’re continuing and increasing our commitment to the Zenoss Community by supporting more Q&A “Dev Hours”.  We also have been expanding our Services based Offerings delivering more customized ZenPack development for customers to interface with solutions like Palo Alto Networks, SAP HANA, and ServiceNow.

As Marcus MacNeil, VP of Product Management at Zenoss underscored, this is all built on what makes up the DNA of Zenoss.  Unified Monitoring to us means taking data from heterogeneous targets but also uniting them with a collection of heterogeneous functions.  Customers love what we do out of the box but furthermore need the Ultimate Extensibility we are able to achieve via the openness of the platform, APIs of the platform, and our ZenPacks.  Finally making sure that we provide a Service Centric perspective via information that is model informed and contains an impact analysis.  We excel in the Modern Technology areas of cloud, software-defined, hyper-converged, and containers and our Unified Platform addresses “All the _ilities” (stability, functionality, reliability, etc…) as we push to support ad-hoc collection, dynamic thresholds, and extensible workflows.  Our direction will continue to focus on Service Analytics of displaying service health, active dashboards, advanced correlation, and model automation and we continue to partner with best of breed solutions for integrations with solutions like Unified Communications, Log Analytics, Application Performance Management, and Automation.

Despite all the evolving challenges facing our customers today we’re confident that Zenoss provides the platform of innovation building on what we’ve done, and what we’re doing to ensure our customers can own their IT, accelerate innovation, and partner with the solutions necessary to deliver the whole solution as together we are better.


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