Leveraging Zenoss to Transform IT into a Profit Generator

The SOPRIS Technologies team presented a breakout session at the 2016 Zenoss user conference, GalaxZ 16, entitled, “Leveraging Zenoss to transform IT into a Profit Generator”.

The first part of the presentation described how virtualization, cloud, SaaS, SDN and use of open source are moving into mainstream in the enterprise driven by overwhelming advantages in being able to scale as business goes digital (b-b and b-c with web/social etc), in leveraging analytics and in mobilizing workforces without having to make huge investments in hardware and with advanced tools now available to every size of business.

Carrier Service Providers  (CSP) are moving to adopt these technologies with rapid progress from lab test to initial deployment of Network Function Virtualization, SDN, Opensource and even forming a Telco stream of Open Compute Project driven by the need to compete with the web scale players.   CSP’s have started virtualization with IT, then moved to centralized network functions and will go further to build distributed cloud to provide low latency required for 5G networks and some Internet of Things use cases.  Network and IT are converging in this distributed cloud, which will also give the CSP’s a differentiated asset to offer services to their Enterprise customers and OTT.

AT&T is one of the most public about driving the change through its organization and has been particularity active in driving the move to virtualization and open source.  However, other Telco’s (Verizon, Telefonica, NTT, DT, BT, ..)  and the cable industry (Cablelabs)  are also moving fast.   IT’s position in CSP and Enterprise has shifted from being a cost center serving the organization to a critical business enabler (with skillsets required for transformation of the business), to a revenue generation opportunity.

The remainder of the presentation discussed a number of use cases SOPRIS Technologies has been working with the IT Operations team of CSPs and Enterprises to leverage Zenoss to not only monitor the network, but also to create opportunities for new revenue as a profit generator.

  • Sopris has put together a solution for Video Quality of Experience where Zenoss acts as the core system to integrate end to end infrastructure monitoring while leveraging another partner (Conviva) to gather data from the on-device player, then use analytics to relate this (content and device issues) back to the network.
  • In another use case SOPRIS combines Zenoss with ticketing and CMDB systems to build end to end Service Assurance solutions integrated in an ITIL business process model. This use case extends further to a Monitoring as Service Offer to enterprise customers as a step to providing a distributed cloud offer leveraging advances in virtual CPE and hyper converged infrastructure.
  • Another use case looks at leveraging Zenoss to monitor a large private network built across multiple CSPs and ready to stitch together secure and highly available links provided over SDN as well as leased lines.

Lastly, the presentation outlined the ecosystem that SOPRIS Technologies has built with Zenoss as the core system for monitoring and including Layer X log analysis, Wanclouds Openstack tools and expertise, Dynatrace Application monitoring, Conviva video Quality of Experience, and Packet Design routing optimization.  The beauty of the ecosystem is the support provided via the SOPRIS Team’s consultancy, integration, implementation, and development capabilities.

The SOPRIS Technologies presentation is available at www.sopristec.com.



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