Level Up Your Nutanix Hyperconverged Monitoring

The demand for hyperconverged systems is being fueled by enterprise IT’s need to be more flexible and to emulate the services and speed of public cloud providers. Hyperconvergence eliminates separate storage vendors, storage device troubleshooting and storage networks while providing more granular scalability. The adoption of hyperconverged infrastructure with distributed computing architecture enables large IT teams to add resources on demand with increased flexibility. 

Organizations often track interdependencies by integrating hyperconverged infrastructure into standard IT monitoring processes to efficiently deliver end-to-end service assurance. Agile IT teams measure performance based on how quickly and reliably new services are delivered to market. Today’s IT enterprises are increasingly looking at hyperconverged integrated systems because of the speed and flexibility they provide in provisioning and supporting application workloads. This process enables them to track dependencies across multiple components and understand the relationships between operating system workloads, virtual machines, virtualized hosts, data stores, LUN-based storage and the service profiles they support. It also allows organizations to deploy new hyperconverged resources into their environments without disrupting existing platforms that may be in place. 

For example, organizations integrating Nutanix into their IT environments are looking for a way to maintain visibility and control across both new and existing elements in their infrastructure landscapes. Some applications may not migrate to the hyperconverged cluster, and organizations need to maintain operational awareness of those applications without complicating their toolchains further. 

Zenoss ZenPacks give customers the ability to monitor their hyperconverged infrastructures alongside their traditional data center resources. ZenPacks are so effective that the Zenoss ZenPack for Nutanix infrastructure achieved the certification of Nutanix Ready AHV Integrated. This is awarded exclusively to products and solutions that have been tested and verified to integrate well with AHV, the Nutanix built-in hypervisor. The Zenoss-Nutanix integration includes:

  • In-depth health and performance monitoring for the entire Nutanix technology stack, including AHV.
  • Dependency mapping of all resources, including the clusters, controller VMs, all virtualization-level components, virtual disks and storage pools, and all underlying hardware.
  • Anomaly detection, thresholding and graphing to ensure maximum availability of Nutanix clusters as well as non-Nutanix resources.

To learn more about the certified Zenoss-Nutanix integration, check out our joint webinar: How to Achieve Intelligent Monitoring for Hyperconverged IT .



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