Introducing the New Zenoss Service Dynamics Analytics Solution

VMworld2013Today at VMWorld in San Francisco we announced our new release of Zenoss Service Dynamics (ZSD) Analytics.  We are very excited for customers to get their hands on the enhanced reporting, trending and capacity planning features offered in this latest update – particularly those with highly virtualized or complex Hybrid IT environments.

Even in a traditional datacenter, your services are delivered across countless server, network, storage, and application resources.  Adding the complexity of public clouds or converged infrastructure to the picture only makes the task more difficult.  It is the ability to reduce all of this complexity down to the business/service essentials that makes the ZSD Analytics release so exciting.  Customers now have a unified, service-centric way to report on SLA compliance, identify at-risk services, and intelligently plan for future service needs.

With the latest release of ZSD Analytics, you can pinpoint existing or potential impacts to your SLAs regardless of whether supporting infrastructure resides in your datacenter, the cloud, or both.  A new real-time dashboard provide tactical drill-down to help with reducing MTTR and real-time health issues, while out-of-the-box service-level reports make sure you can communicate those results to any audience.  Improved event trending and capacity planning help you anticipate issues before they cause any service degradation.

We’ve really put a lot of effort into updating not only the reporting and analysis features in the product, but also general performance and ease-of-use.  Here are some of the key capabilities that you’ll see in the latest release:

  • Real-Time Service Level Reporting: From a single dashboard, ZSD Analytics allows you to get a real-time view of the health of every service in your environment and instantly know if any SLAs are at a risk.

  • Uncover Trends & Patterns to help IT optimization: ZSD Analytics exposes the trends and patterns. While these might not be impacting your services right now, they have the potential to do so in the near future. These provide vital input for strategic initiatives such as capacity planning and infrastructure optimization.

  • Reduce your MTTR and improve SLA compliance: ZSD Analytics helps identify common performance issues and event trends based on service impact which can help reduce MTTR and improve overall service quality.

  • Generate reports that align with your business needs: Using the robust out of the box reporting included with ZSD Analytics, users can build customized reports that quickly and effectively communicate the state of their infrastructure in terms that are relevant to them.

  • Create secure self-service portals for your customers: Built in multi-tenancy allows MSPs to create secure, self-service portals to allow authorized users to get instant and comprehensive access to their data.

  • Leverage a modern solution that provides support for BIG DATA: Using HTML 5, ZSD Analytics provides the most modern interface and has the ability to utilize a BIG DATA repository as its data source. As organizations start their march toward BIG DATA, it is good to know Zenoss has already taken that into consideration.

If you’re at VMworld this week, stop by booth #2424 and we’d love to give you a first look at these new analytics capabilities.  You can also visit our Zenoss analytics web page or contact our POC team for more information.



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