Infographic: The History and Expansion of Virtualized Environments

By: John Boyle >> The virtualization of physical computers has become the backbone of public and private cloud computing from desktops to data centers, enabling organizations to optimize hardware utilization, enhance security, support multi-tenancy and more. These environments are complex and ephemeral, creating requirements and challenges beyond the capability of traditional monitoring tools that were originally designed for static physical environments. But modern solutions exist, and can bring virtualized environments to new levels of efficiency, performance and scale.

This Infographic shows the History and Expansion of Virtualized Environments.

History and Expansion of Virtualized Environments
Zenoss offers you a free guide that explains the pervasiveness of virtualized environments in modern data centers, the demand these environments create for more robust monitoring and analytics solutions, and the keys to getting the most out of virtualization deployments.

Monitoring solutions for virtualized environments must provide the five essential features of real-time capability – real-time awareness, rapid root-cause analysis, end-to-end visibility, flexible customization and support for multiple hypervisors. However, there are a number of other important capabilities that could be pivotal in the success or failure of your monitoring platform deployment.

These include:

• Unified view
• Scalability
• CMDB support
• Converged infrastructure support
• Licensing

Zenoss works with the world's largest companies to ensure their IT services and applications are always on. As the global leader in hybrid IT monitoring and analytics software, Zenoss provides complete visibility for cloud, virtual and physical IT environments. The Zenoss unified monitoring platform provides a single view of all systems and interdependencies in real time, eliminating monitoring complexity and making it easy for IT teams to identify and resolve issues before they cause disruptions with IT services. The Zenoss model-driven architecture automatically tracks virtual configurations and relationships while providing complete event visibility, performance measurements, testing thresholds and availability reports.

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