IBM AIX 7.1 Support Now Available


IBM is a long-time leader in the UNIX systems management, and the IBM AIX operating system, a variant of the Unix operating system, is widely used by many enterprises to power critical applications in their data centers.

Applications ranging from infrastructure services, to databases and web servers, to critical applications like SAP and CRM systems, are all hosted on IBM AIX servers. Performance monitoring of the IBM AIX servers and the applications they host is critical for ensuring that the business operates effectively. Slowdowns can result in frustrated users, loss of productivity, and increased support costs for the enterprise.

Comprehensive Monitoring for AIX Environments

Zenoss has provided unified monitoring and event management for many years in some of today’s largest, most complex enterprise datacenters. The IT Operations teams in these organizations use Zenoss to unify and automate the monitoring of everything in their heterogeneous physical, virtual, and cloud IT infrastructure — including the monitoring of AIX hosts that run their business-critical applications.

Over the last several months, the Zenoss engineering team has been hard at work further enhancing our AIX monitoring capabilities to take advantage of new features in AIX 7. Our recently updated IBM AIX ZenPack monitors AIX hosts running the latest version of the IBM AIX operating system, version 7.1, as well as older versions of the IBM AIX operating systems, including AIX 5.3 and 6.1. This version also includes enhanced support for IBM Power systems (for more information about Zenoss support for IBM Power Systems, see IBM Power ZenPack).

The newly updated IBM AIX ZenPack also includes numerous AIX monitoring enhancements developed in response to customer requests and feedback, and now provides the following support for AIX environments:

  • Discovery: Automatically discovers file systems, IP interfaces, Ethernet adapters, fiber channel adapters, network routes, IP services, and individual hard disks.
  • Performance Monitoring: Tracks CPU utilization, virtual processor utilization, swap metrics, I/O and uptime measurements, active memory expansion metrics, and performance metrics for Ethernet adapters, fiber channel adapters, as well as monitors individual hard disks.
  • Service Impact: When combined with Service Impact and Analytics, models the relationships between the AIX host, the applications it supports, and the underlying infrastructure components to provide a service-centric view into availability and performance risk, along with automated root cause analysis for service issues.

Next Steps

Continuous monitoring of your key applications and IT services running on not only your IBM AIX systems, but also on all of the other systems in your complex, hybrid IT infrastructure is imperative. Being able to see everything in your environment and know about crucial issues — before they impact application and service delivery — is key.

If you have IBM AIX in your datacenter, make sure you check out the new capabilities now available in the latest version of our IBM AIX ZenPack.

New to Zenoss?

If you want to learn more about Zenoss and what we do check out the following links, which provide more information about Zenoss and the unified monitoring capabilities Zenoss provides:



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