Giving @lusis Credit for #monitoringsucks

@lusis seems like a modest guy. If he hadn’t seen my last blog post, he might have forgotten that he turned #monitoringsucks into an organized objective just a little over one year ago.

But then he writes in his latest post:

I didn’t set out to start a “movement”. I’m not someone who handles compliments very well. Mainly because I suffer from a bad case of imposter syndrome. The other side of this is that I know that I’ve done next to nothing to make it any better. Meanwhile, the real heroes are people releasing code every day. People rethinking how we think about monitoring, trending, alerting and everything else. Companies like Etsy, Netflix, Yammer and countless more are sharing the deep squishy bits of how they do things and are releasing code to back it up.

At the end of his post, @lusis lists about 30 tools that are actively working to make #monitoringsucksless, all of which and more can be found at the monitoringsucks tool repo on github that he launched back in May 2011.

Listen, I’m glad @lusis isn’t the DevOps equivalent to Donald Trump, with the latter’s onion-roll hairstyle and short-fingered vulgarian[1] proclivities. But I have to respectfully disagree with his assessment of what he’s achieved.

@lusis turned #monitoringsucks into a movement, one that has given people a central place to find solutions to this problem. By naming the problem (i.e., #monitoringsucks) from a selection of comments and tweets, he has created a community of like-minded people who are actively working together to solve this complex problem.

In my interview with him, @roidrage (AKA Mathias Meyer) said that #monitoringsucks has brought teams and even whole companies together to make sure an application is running smoothly:

The great part about #monitoringsucks is that companies and people are actively working on building their own tooling, motivated by the lack of tools that fit their particular needs. That kind of experimentation and variety could eventually lead us to having better tools and a better monitoring stack as a whole.

And @roidrage wanted me to make sure I gave @lusis, who he called “the inventor of #monitoringsucks” the credit he deserves. And so I am.

  1. Hats off to Spy Magazine for the coining of this timeless epithet.  ↩


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